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What Conservatives Are Facing

 What Conservatives Are Facing

by Sheila G, November 9, 2020


I recently had a dream, actually; it was a nightmare. I was writing a book for my granddaughter of everything that I learned from 2015 to the present. I want Jessica to know that in December 2020, we find ourselves right in the middle of the “early stages” of a progressive socialist and marxist takeover in America. I want Jess to know the signals, know the signs, know the deceptive techniques used by marxists. I want her to have a happy and healthy life. I want her prepared to handle whatever comes her way. I want Jessica to understand that most of America will not know they are in danger until it is too late. I want her to be locked, loaded, and prepared to escape, fight, do whatever is necessary to survive. More on my dream later.

Conservatives in my generation see how we are squandering valuable time right now – today. You will understand that each day that passes without us doing anything puts us one day closer to the point of no return.

I have done a significant amount of research to gather my thoughts to logically share the pros and cons of capitalism, socialism, and communism with Jessica. I was a little girl during the Cuban missile crisi.  Thankfully, we had President Kennedy.  However, that did not diminish the terror I felt as a child.  We practiced drills in school – get under our desks in the event of a nuclear attack from Russia.  When in bed at night, I panicked and ran to get in bed with my mom and dad when I heard a plane overhead.

I started thinking about Saigon’s fall and the fact that it was a war we were not in to win. Many globalists were growing their wealth in staggering amounts from this war.  The term globalists is a term we all need to know and understand.

In 1970, I was a young woman, and my fiance was in the Army fighting in Viet Nam. He returned home very sick with malaria and very troubled.  Even though we both ultimately went our separate ways, I learned a lot from him. He was not the man that I married. In 1975 my husband and I moved to Salinas, Ca. I worked for the Scheduled Airline Ticket Office (SATO). We had three airline ticket offices that we rotated among; Ft. Ord, the Defense Language School, and the Naval Post Graduate school. It was the most enjoyable and rewarding job I ever held. I loved helping the infantry find the fastest, most economical way to get home during the holidays and family emergencies. I loved helping the astronauts book their flights to/from Houston and to their homes. I loved helping the students at the Defense Language School, many of which were training to teach, interpret, and to be spies. Many of them were at this school using an alias with full credentials. We never knew who they really were. The point of this is that this is where I learned to love and respect our military. April 17, 1975 would mark the day that the scope of our job would start to change. Very soon, we would be processing Vietnamese refugees to processing centers in Arkansas awaiting sponsorship by Churches and families.

April 17, 1975 was the day Phnom Penh was taken by the Khmer Rouge.

It also marked the day the killing fields would begin. People, including embassy officials, journalists, and Vietnamese people, fled to the French Embassy. The Khmer Rouge turned the school into the S-21 prison – a slaughterhouse. Khmer Rouge disarmed the citizens and ordered all residents to leave the city with a minimum of belongings, the start of what turned out to be a death march for thousands. They were marched south of Phnom Penh and executed, thus named the killing fields. Some estimate that 20,000 people were executed. Others say the murders resulted in the Phnom Penh population dropping from two million to 25,000 in three days.  

Why is this important? What does this have to do with today? 

When a socialist government takes control, the first order is to disarm the citizens and to hunt down and slaughter their opposition. This tactic is historically accurate when governments take control.  

The instigators have lists with names of dissidents. Lists with names of weapon owners. Didn’t we just see the list that AOC put out?  AOC’s list is the hit list with the names of everyone who helped our President. Aren’t our names and addresses listed on state and federal gun registries?

  • The instigators ply us with false narratives and lies. They use the media to propagate and support their agenda. Censorship is an absolute must to control what we see, hear and think.

We have experienced four plus years of this. This is a standard communist technique.  YouTube has gone full communist.  Any video that does not support the the false narrative of a legitimate election is banned.

Another technique is for the instigators to accuse their opposition of what they themselves have been doing. Nancy Pelosi is a master at this. While our President was being impeached at the end of 2019, our Department of Justice and FBI sat on evidence that would have exonerated him.  Here we have Pelosi impeaching the President of the United States for withholding foreign aid to a corrupt country, the Ukraine.  Then we have Pelosi withholding aid from the American people not once – but two times! Then, we find Representative Eric Swalwell who banged banged Fang Fang was warned he was messing with a Chinese Spy. The Department of Justice and the FBI warn him while they let our President be falsely castigated. These two government agencies knew for four years that our President was innocent and they allowed the public to think otherwise.  We find out that the Department of Justice and FBI have been investigating Hunter and James Biden since 2018.  We have seen the video on Chinese TV explaining what Hunter did. Many of us watched Hunter Biden’s sex tapes.  We heard from OANN Hunter Biden sexually abused his niece – the “President Elect’s Granddaughter”.  “The President Elect” who to this very day professes to be proud of his dirtbag son.  We find out that the DOJ and FBI have had Hunter’s laptop for well over a year.  However, Attorney General Barr decides that he cannot violate Department of Justice policy by revealing any of this within 60 days of a federal election!  Why didn’t he reveal it 61 days or more before the election?  It really is quite simple.  The Department of Justice and FBI run a protection racket for the communists in Congress.  Hey – they are only emulating what Chinese authorities and the Chinese military do for the Chinese Communist Party.  The DOJ and FBI clearly support the man who sold his soul to China to line his pockets with gold. 

Now we have a stolen election. we have listened to and viewed many testimonies.  We watched and read about Dr. Eric Coomer, Director of Dominion in 2016 telling the Illinois States Board of Elections that it was possible to bypass election systems software. We watched the Georgia election supervisor demonstrate to Georgia legislature how she, at her authority level, could change the votes, complete new votes, and so on.  We have watched communist governors, communist secretaries of states, communist State and Federal justices change their State Constitutions by bypassing their own State Constitution. We listened to Barr state he hasn’t found evidence of election fraud that would change the outcome of the vote.  This man clearly thinks we are stupid.  We,today witnessed, the Supreme Court of the United States Justices deny the request to hear the case of 17 states against the 4 swings states where voter fraud changed the election results.  I always thought it was the responsibility of SCOTUS to hear state against state cases.  But they said no.  We can only assume that no state is required to follow the laws set forth by their State Constitution. That leaves fraud wide open.  We will never again have a fair election. We have seen it all and we are watching communist America develop fully.

  • When the attack begins, the conflict instigators will evacuate to their safe places outside of the United States. They will have well-fortified, well-guarded chateaus in some country for the corrupt politicians. It might be underground digs in New Zealand for big tech. Once the citizens are being slaughtered, the instigators will not remain in the US. It will undoubtedly include penthouse apartments or even homes in China.

In Cambodia, the American elite and their CIA covert operatives were evacuated out of the hot zone by the United States Marines. As they flew away, they watched the nation burn. April 12, 1975 is the day the United States abandoned Cambodia and handed it over to the butchers. Five days later is when the US-backed government fell to Khmer Rouge guerillas.




The first thing to be expected is mass disarming of the citizens. Look at Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea. This will occur in short order if the commies win both the Senate and the House majorities. Gun registration lists will be downloaded and they will come for our guns. Don’t think for one minute that it will be one police officer knocking on your door to collect your guns and ammo. You should be expecting twenty or more going door to door.  Don’t be naive to believe that people in the community, neighborhood and even relatives won’t rat you out.


  • The urban youth, armed with automatic rifles and RPGs, will patrol the cities in new cars and trucks looking for dissenters. Remember ISIS in all those new white Toyota trucks turned into death machines. Look at ANTIFA and BLM. Look at the white Chinese vans in Hong Kong, loading people up for “re-education camps”. Do you think their families will ever see them again?
  • Rural citizens will want to migrate to urban cities—just one problem with that. The metropolitan cities will be controlled by the same people who set all of the attacks in motion. 
  • Rural citizens will be isolated and undefended. Large packs of armed enemy militia will attempt to infiltrate our towns. The citizens who lost their homes and businesses, the beaten and murdered citizens in our cities, had no protection from ANTIFA and BLM. The Uyghur Muslims in China have no protection from the Chinese Communist military. The Jews had no protection from the Nazis. The Vietnamese had no protection from Khmer Rouge. The Venezuelan citizens have no protection today from their communist military. The Cubans had no protection from Castro’s regime. 
  • Prisoners will be tortured and sent off to “collection centers.” They will experience dehumanizing clothing and attire, and the women raped until they are of no further use. Did you see the December 7, 2020 photo of the Chinese prisoner vans in Hong Kong loading Hong Kong citizens whose destination was Chinese re-education camps? What do you think the Uyghur Muslims are experiencing at the Chinese camps? What about all of the missing Chinese citizens, the teachers, and the doctors? I am saying the Chinese slaughter these people along with prisoners. The Khmer Rouge did not bother to take prisoners – they just slaughtered them. The Nazi’s didn’t take prisoners – they loaded the Jews on cattle cars destined for Auschwitz to annihilate the race. The Venezuelan police and military have no compunction when shooting Venezuelan citizens. Ask some of our Cuban immigrants what they suffered under the Castro regime.

In my dream, I remember all of these things. But my dream didn’t allow for any of this to occur. My dream took an entirely different direction.  

It was January 6, 2021 at 12:00 noon. It was the day Congress officially convenes, and new congressional members take the oath of office. I was watching TV when a national alert came on. The message was, “All air travel is grounded. There is now only one TV station, and you are currently watching it. Martial law begins immediately. Beginning at 6 pm, you may not leave your homes until further notice. We are fighting for our Constitution, and conservative patriots have taken Congress. Progressive socialist congressional members are under arrest. Twenty four governors and many mayors are under arrest and in custody. Thirty active and retired military leaders are arrested and in custody. Donald J. Trump remains our President. The next few days will be rough as we capture and arrest key globalists involved in the overthrow of our government. The FBI and CIA have been dismantled with many leaders under arrest and in custody. No one will stand trial in a traditional court. Our courts will have many vacancies due to justices charged with treason. Rural citizens do not attempt to come into urban cities – it will be very unsafe and dangerous.
Our little town blocked all four roads in and out. Many citizens are deputized and providing 24-hour coverage at the entrances. If you didn’t have identification showing you were a resident, you didn’t get in. On day 3, marauders from Las Vegas tried to break through the barricades. It did not work out well for them. Front end loaders dug a massive hole for the bodies.
On day 4, another TV alert. “Martial law is still in effect. We have intel that America may soon be under attack from China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia. The United Nations may send troops to take control.”
We packed up two trucks and two trailers and headed out of our town to our mountain property in Utah. I was sick with worry about the fate of my daughter, granddaughter, son-in-law. They knew where to meet us, but would they be able to get there? “

That is when I woke up. All of this has been weighing on my mind for months. Many will not believe this could ever happen in America. I am so fortunate to be among the generation who studied civics, American, and World history. I realize that many of our younger conservatives and liberals did not benefit from this education.

For those that did not, I know there is nothing that I or anyone else could say to make you consider this could be a reality we are facing.

The deep state is no longer a relevant term. Our enemy is the elite globalists in our country and around the world. The river runs across the globe, and it is wide and very deep. These are the people that have built their life with greed. These are the people who steal our tax money. These are the people who pass bills loaded with pork resulting in kickbacks to line their pockets. These are the people who create foreign aid packages with kickbacks. These are people in bed with the drug cartels to keep the borders open, the human traffickers, and the pedophiles who steal our children. These are people who prostitute their adult children to foreign governments to line their pockets. These are people running for office who prostitute themselves to get what they want. These are the people who want to sell America’s land resources and pocket the money from the sale. These are the people using covid to lock us down and break us. These are the people using covid to destroy our Constitution and to take over our country. These are the people withholding covid aid to the American people until the package includes bailout money to fund fiscally mismanaged pension plans by state legislators and governors. Those plans will never receive that money – it will go into the pockets of the governors and authors of the bill. These people don’t give a rat’s ass about us.

We all need to pray that we keep the majority in the Senate! With out it – it is good by America as we know it …

For those that need a brush up on history, I can recommend an excellent site at Metallicman.com.Click here for the main page of Metallicman The information he provides is book worthy and is history-based. He has written a six-part series on this very subject. Here are the links;

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Sheila G is member of Conservative Choice Campaign. You can follow her on Twitter and Parler @TheSheilaG2020 (same handle for both). If you would like to comment or provide feedback you can email [email protected]



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