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What do you want from a President and our Congress?

 What do you want from a President and our Congress?


        Opinion by Sheila G

                                  December 23, 2021

For those that may not know, I am on Gab, GETTR, Parler, and Telegram.  Telegram is the most populated with conservatives because its encryption allows us to speak without fear of censorship. I left Twitter and Facebook as there are not as many conservatives anymore as on other platforms.

However, being on the conservative platforms has enlightened and educated me beyond my belief. Telegram has been the most beneficial of all. I have never been one to accept something because someone said, I do research and lots of it. 
One of the hottest, if not the lead topic on Telegram, is covid. I have learned so much about whole genome sequencing and gene manipulation, and I have learned NIH and Moderna Tx jointly own the mRNA technology used in the clot shot. I even viewed the Material Transfer Agreement prepared by NIH to Dr. Ralph Baric to integrate the NIH/Moderna technology into the covid vaccine. I watched what happens when the vaccine touches blood under a high-resolution microscope and viewed the red blood cells turning white as oxygen or hemoglobin is removed from them. There is information galore – but it requires research to ferret the fake from the true.

Like many others, I want you to know that I deeply respect President Trump. He, along with the grace of God, saved my brother Jim’s life by making the right to try available for Hydroxychloriquine. I will be forever thankful to him for providing that gift to our family. 

I have always adored President Trump, and I believe he is the best President we have ever had. I now understand what he meant when he said the “swamp runs deep and wide” and that he didn’t realize just how deep and wide it was. I agree with him. 

From 2015 through most of 2019, most of us thought our enemy was socialism and communism. It was late 2019 when many of us were awakened and realized on the grand scale of enemies, socialism and communism was mid to low point. We found our true enemy was the elite, wealthy, supremacist globalists. 

Research and information available on Telegram brought the World Economic Forum to my attention. The World Economic Forum (WEF) leaders are Klaus Schwab and Nazi George Soros and many other players such as WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates, big pharma, and big corporate global leaders. 

It was easy to discern the companies that sold themselves to China and the UN. It was also easy to determine the members of the Hollywood elite and members of the United States Congress who were in the circle with globalists. It was easy to identify the educational Universities in our country that were and are receiving grants from the taxpayer piggy bank and from corporations to do their bidding. It is now easy to discern why Critical Race Theory, as stupid as it is, was developed and deemed necessary for our children to learn. 

It was easy to identify the countries receiving foreign aid packages from the taxpayer piggy bank to support the globalist agenda with kickbacks to certain members of Congress.

It was easy to determine why mainstream media supports the vaccine and censors anything against it. After all, the big pharmaceuticals represent 50% or more of their ad revenues. Of course, the pharmaceuticals will control what they say and what they print. It is easy to see why the journalist tax credit up to $50k per year was included in a congressional paid from the taxpayer piggy bank. That would ensure the government and the pharmaceuticals would control the media. 

It was easy to find the United States of America’s government agencies who did and continue to make large dollar donations from the taxpayer piggy bank to globalist think tanks in the United States and abroad. Many of the donors are corrupt domestic and international businesspeople holding board positions. For example, corrupt Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk has a board seat on one of the most corrupt think tanks on American soil. Many donors are generals from the United States Armed Forces, the military agencies themselves donate to these think tanks, as does the War College, as well as United States Ambassadors. Many corporate donations are from the companies that declared they would not do business with conservatives. 

It was easy to find that George Soros’ role was to inundate, fund, and facilitate the illegal entry of immigrants into our country. It was easy to find that Soros funded Catholic Charities of San Diego and Jewish Families of San Diego to do his dirty work. 

It was easy to find the goals of the WEF. On the World Economic Forum website, Schwab stated that the COVID-19 pandemic “represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous world.” In simple language, Schwab says the pandemic presents an opportunity to launch the plan.

WEForum site features “11 Facts About the World’s Changing Population. Click here to view theWeForum site  . The WEforum article then leads to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal that includes reducing poverty, hunger, and inequality globally. Familiarize yourself with these and then ask how these goals will be achieved. Click here to view the sustainable goals  It is said one of the goals is to reduce the world population to 500,000,000. The US population is 333,000,000. The world population is 7.9 billion. That means a lot of people will die to achieve the globalist goal. This goal is featured on the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestones is thought to have been built by Ted Turner and Bill Gates. I cannot verify who built them.  

It is said that another goal is to create one colossal nation-state from South America to the Canadian border. It will be challenging to accomplish that without the buy-in of the Mexican cartel, Or will the cartel view it as an expansion of their territory to market illegal drugs? Maybe they will choose to assist further in depopulating the world. Perhaps they will be compensated by the globalists for their participation. I don’t know if any of that will happen, but I recognize it as a possibility.

It was easy to find the practice pandemic exercises the globalists conducted with Johns Hopkins Hospital a few years before the pandemic. Their practice sessions are eerily similar to what is happening today. It is now easy to put the pieces together and see the game being perpetrated upon world citizens. 

It was effortless to establish a Medical Cartel is controlling all medical decisions for profit and greed. Their purpose is no different than the Mexican cartel’s. They both sell drugs that maim and kill for profit, greed, and control. They both have strong-arm units to knock off their opposition and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, preserve and grow the money. The strong arm of the Medical cartel is the AMA, the American Medical Association. They are the insurance policy for getting the job done. They sent letters to physicians threatening to pull physicians licenses who do not support the vaccine. A physician losing his license to practice is the equivalent of the Mexican cartel cutting the throat of their opposition. The only difference between the two cartels is that the Medical cartel operates with complete impunity. It was easy to find that doctors receiving money from big pharma to prescribe and sell specific drugs. Doctors are being bought every day. Now that you know this, can you ever trust your doctors will be prescribing treatment for what is in your best interest, or will it be in their best interest? 

The NIH and big pharma have established one of the biggest scams ever. The NIH gives the vaccine makers the vaccine to test and manufacture for free, and the NIH repurchases it at 2x the price the manufacturer sells to Europe. The money for the buyback comes out of the taxpayer piggy bank. 

The other bogey is the government scientist, and the National Institute of Health and the manufacturer own the patents. The scientists can receive up to $150,000 per year per patent in royalties. The NIH as an agency is allowed to collect unlimited royalties to finance grants and research such as gain of function. We repurchase it at 2x the price, driving up the royalties they receive. What could be or go wrong with that kind of operation? 

We have identified and know who the players are in Congress participating in this crime against humanity. It is huge, and it is vast. It is also easy to see that most players will not see justice served upon them. It simply is because they have the nation’s highest law enforcement agency, the United States of America’s Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, DHS, and NSA leaders running the protection racket for them. 

All of the above brings me to the 2020 election. It is easy to see why the globalists cheated, and they had to get President Trump out because he was onto them. 

Next comes the fake J6 commission. We have all seen the videos of Oathkeeper leader Ray Epps encouraging people to breach the Capitol and watched the people push back and say no. We have all watched Ray Epps coordinate with the fat man on top of the press scaffolding yelling through his megaphone for the crowd to move forward. 

We watched the videos of Ray Epps telling his men to remove the restricted signs and fencing before President Trump finished speaking. When people started arriving, they had no idea they were entering a restricted area. We watched the video of the woman on the Capitol steps who was beaten to hell by Capitol police, but her cause of death was reported as an overdose. 

We all watched Ashli Babbitt murdered by a Capitol policeman as she leaned against a wall. She wasn’t climbing through a window as reported. Other men were breaking the door next to her. No, she should not have been in the building. Period. But she did not deserve to die. We watched the video of the Black Utah Antifa thug walking around inside the chambers and offices, who then sold his video to the press. He walked! This man trains Antifa and sells them their riot gear online! 

Ray Epps is nowhere on the FBI list. He hasn’t been interrogated. Why? Is it because he worked with the Pelosi, the Capitol Police, and the FBI to turn a rally into a riot? If I were an Oathkeeper, I would find a way to fry Epps and Stuart Rhodes. They are both American dirtbags. The entire group should turn on both of them. Make them famous! 

What is the J6 commission really about? 

  1. They want to indict and charge President Trump with a crime to prevent him from running for President. The globalists must get him out at any cost.
  2. They must find a way to legally classify United States citizens as domestic terrorists who oppose their goals and get in the way of achieving the globalist goals. The ability to charge Americans as domestic terrorists is a psyop method used to deter us from protesting. It instills fear. It is also the precursor to disarming us. Suppose a bill is passed allowing Americans to be classified, arrested, jailed or face death as punishment. Will that lead to the ability to disarm us without ever touching the constitution? I don’t know. But if you aren’t a constitutional lawyer, you don’t either. 

United States of America congressional members are doing the dirty work for the globalist agenda. These traitors span all parties. What they are doing is called treason. They, too, are in the circle and are covered by the protection racket.

All of this brings me to why I am writing this. The point is I see firsthand the number of conservatives who are growing tired of hearing President Trump say he supports the vaccine but follows with he supports freedom of choice also. It is not only Trump they are tired of but also with our Republican Congress. I am genuinely so sad by President Trump’s position that I literally could cry. 

Putting covid and the vaccines to bed seems to be one of the top issues, if not the number one issue we talk about on every social media platform. Those stating that President Trump is using the vaccine as part of the plan are not making sense to me. I do not believe that President Trump would let people die to support any plan he has for us for one minute. We are not in a physical war where casualties are expected. We have not taken a physical stand because of our fear of being jailed. We are still waiting for our knight to save us. People are incurring devastating life-changing disabilities, and families are losing loved ones due to vaccine death. President Trump would not knowingly do that. So why is he supporting the vaccine? 

We have enough data to know the vaccine is ineffective. We have enough data to support the vaccine does not prevent covid, does not prevent hospitalization, does not prevent death.

We have enough information that gene manipulation results in autoimmune disease, causes clots, heart attacks, etc. 

We have enough information showing the United States government is asking us to play Russian Roulette with our lives not once, but two times;

The first pull of the trigger is deciding to take the clot shot or not. Will you have an immediate or soon after life-changing debilitating event or death?

The second pull of the trigger, will you develop autoimmune disease later? Will you get covid, be hospitalized, or die? What will boosters in perpetuity do to your immune system? 

I have pretty much concluded that any politician saying they support both the vaccine and free choice is full of bullshit. It is nothing more than riding the fence to appeal to everyone. They have the same data we do. It is time to make a decision. Stopping the vaccine would be the equivalent of dropping a bomb on the globalist agenda, and it would buy us time.

For those who say Trump can’t admit the vaccines are bad because he would be crucified, I would like to remind you of a few things:

a) President Trump was the man who instituted the action to develop the vaccine and get it to us. b) He did not want us dying from the Chinese virus, and C)he did not want our country to collapse. D)President Trump was not the man who developed the vaccines. e)He was the man working to save us and our country, and f)he deserves every bit of recognition that comes his way. g)At the time of his presidency, we had not begun vaccinating. h)At the time of his presidency, we didn’t know what was in the vaccine. If President Trump is guilty of anything, it is being naive to those who directly served him. I believe Steve Bannon saw people putting the knife in the President’s back. I think that could be why their friendship was fractured. I think the President has had time to reflect on who served him well and who did not. And, I think that is why he has embraced his longtime friend. I support Steve Bannon. He had it right. President Trump worked hard for us – more than any other President ever has.

I want a President who will take a definitive stance on day one and stop the carnage from vaccines. I do not want a political fence rider attempting to appeal to both those who support and those against this vaccine.  

I want a President willing to gut the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, CIA, HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA, and military generals and reorganize and rebuild back better! I want a President who will achieve retribution for what is being done to us. 

I want a President who creates jobs for us, including limiting work visas for Indians to replace our out-of-work American IT people. 

I want a President who will kick ass, take names, and deal with the fallout later.

Trump fits all but one and a half of my most important requirements – stopping the vaccine and work visas for Indians to replace our IT workers. While many don’t want to hear this, President Trump is losing people from his base because of his support for the vaccine. I am one of them. He could always redeem his standing with me by taking a stand against the vaccine based on the data we have accumulated after he left office. I would again be all in for this man.

I want a Congress that supports our President. I want our next Congress to stand together. I want our Senate and House majority leaders to have the balls to sanction, remove or do whatever is necessary to those representatives who are not representing the will of the people. I want our Congress to rewrite the law concerning NIH and government scientists receiving royalties for patents. I want this entire Medical cartel brought down. I want a congress that can establish a balanced budget instead of using the appropriations process. I want a Congress writing strong bills fixing immigration problems, funding wall expansion, and border patrol. I will no longer accept words from Congress to fix this problem and then receive payments from lobbyists in return for fulfilling the lobbyists’ expectation to do nothing. I want a congress that establishes the debt ceiling and doesn’t surrender this critical responsibility to an unelected person. 

I will burn in hell before another globalist Rino gets my vote. Where there is no suitable conservative candidate, my vote will be cast in the following order. 1/Tea Party, 2/Libertarian, 3/Democrat. Yes, you read that correctly. It is possible I will vote for a Democrat to take a Rino out. There is one fact that I am absolutely 100% sure of. That fact is the Rinos we currently have in office have not contributed to the balance of power in the last 6 years. You will see this in my 1/15/2022 article. 

I no longer consider myself a Republican. The party is a dismal failure, but I have not resigned from the party, and neither should you. Some states do not permit voting in primaries unless you are specifically registered with a party affiliation.

I no longer give my hard-earned dollars to the GOP. I no longer volunteer my time by working in the office. I am a conservative and will vote for the person I feel best fits the job. I will donate my money directly to the campaign account of the people I support. I will no longer vote a straight party ticket to keep a useless incumbent in a job they are not worthy of holding. Period. 

We need to demand our Presidential candidate be open about which side of the fence s/he is on. Until that happens, I can’t give my support. And, that does include President Trump. 

We must stop believing that one person can fix this. We are the white knights that have to come riding in. We have to save ourselves. No one can, or will do that for us. We must demand more from ourselves and from those who represent us. 



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