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What Is The Number 1 Way To Make America Fall And Citizens Submit?

 What Is The Number 1 Way To Make America Fall And Citizens Submit?
By Sheila G —Editor


July 23, 2023

In my quest to find the most pressing and foreboding issue immediately facing Americans, I believe I have succeeded in thoroughly scaring myself. I believe I found the answer. In my quest, I kept asking myself what would quickly force Americans into government submission. What will soon destroy our Constitution and our Constitutional rights? After reading hundreds of articles, I see it.

While we are wrapped up in preventing potentially fraudulent elections, corruption to the core of our highest law enforcement agencies in the nation at the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA, and recognizing the corruption does lie within both the Democratic and Republican parties and the destruction of our military and the creation of the perception of a weak American government we aren’t focused on the one thing that can and will bring America and Americans to their knees.

That one thing is just around the corner. We haven’t heard much about it from our corrupt government. That is by design. 

So what is the problem?

The problem is Central Bank Digital Currency, also called CBDC. In America, it will be backed by the central bank, and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies manipulate its value. Many believe this is just another form of crypto using blockchain technology. While CBDC will use blockchain technology, it is anything but crypto. These are two distinctly different animals. Cypto is a free market enterprise. There is nothing about CBDC that has to do with a free market enterprise but has everything to do with complete government control of American citizens. I don’t know if crypto will survive once CBDC is implemented. Crypto is not the subject of this article. Complete government control is!

Many recent articles say that CBDC is two years away in America. Most of the pieces are saying that’s bullshit being fed to us and that it will be here mid-2024. I don’t know who is correct, but I see what will happen once it arrives. Can we stop it from happening? I don’t think so with our presently weak and corrupt Congress. How and the method we use to prevent it will be solely contingent upon the timing of the rollout.  

Here are some key excerpts and features that were trending in all of the articles I read;

  • Advocating for governments to use CBDC to control citizens’ purchases
  • Strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights by blocking them from buying “guns” and other “less desirable items such as ammunition or drugs or pornography or something of the sort, whatever the government deems.
  • Using CBDC to erode/eliminate America’s Constitution and forcing Americans to adopt the rules of the New World Order under the World Economic Forum in support of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 
  • Key features would be the ability to monitor what individuals purchase to control and limit what they spendProgrammability [like] units of central bank currency with expiry dates (if citizens don’t use their money by a specific time frame, the Central bank reclaims the money)
  • Attaching carbon credits to purchases, and when that runs out, the government can lock the account until the next period when carbon credits renew for the next purchasing period – even when money remains in the account
  • Attaching social credit scores based upon supporting government ideology to force submission and penalize dissenters
  • Chip all citizens or use facial recognition tying all citizen records, social scores, medical records, and all citizen activity under one umbrella allowing programmability to auto-lock spending accounts
  • Chip all citizens to provide account access and to provide the government with 24/7 citizen surveillance.
  • Use medical records for live organ harvesting from dissenters
  • Use CBDC access to force citizens into signing property and mineral rights over to the government and into 15-minute citiesUse CBDC to force citizens into wearing uniforms.
  • No more cash or cash transactions anywhere
  • Use CBDC to force citizens into turning all precious metals over to the government

Slay News did an article about Worldcoin and its CEO Sam Altman. Worldcoin is co-founded by Sam Altman, the head of the company behind the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChapGPT, Open AI.

“According to Worldcoin’s executives, World ID, or “something like” it, will soon be mandatory for anyone who wishes to partake in regular society.

World ID uses iris scanners that require a person to have their eyes scanned to prove their identity.

And while that idea may sound like a dystopian nightmare that would never catch on, people in several southern European countries, notably Spain and Portugal, are simply itching to give away their iris biometrics as proof of identity for their right to a cryptocurrency transfer wallet.”

Altman is lobbying for his system to become the system of choice for governments worldwide. Knowing that Altman is a world leader in AI, his eagerness to sell out his fellow citizens to a life of servitude makes him nefarious and a man of little to no moral integrity. He demonstrates to me he should not be allowed near artificial intelligence development. In my opinion, he is compromised and cannot be trusted. I’m convinced he would pimp his mother if it put money into his pockets. Yes, I believe him when he says CBDC is coming, whether you like it or not. Of course, it is people like him who care nothing about humanity. I believe it is a freight training running at max speed down the tracks, and we won’t derail it because we can’t stomach the fight that must ensue and are afraid.

You can read the article here and decide for yourself by clicking here:

Slay News article

So what do we do?

I have not noticed a lot of discussion on any social media platform about CBDC other than people view it as another form of crypto. I find it unbelievably stupid that people in Spain and Portugal so willingly gave up their biometric identity without any discussion or understanding of the implications. 

CBDC is an immediate threat to all of us. CBDC is how the nefarious CEO globalists belonging to the Nazi cult of the World Economic Forum led by Nazi Professor Klaus Schwab will break America and force us into submission. We are aiding and abetting Schwab’s desire to control the world and succeed, where Hitler failed because we are doing nothing.

America’s citizens are just as weak as the citizens of Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and the citizens of the EU. Most are unwilling to stand up and fight. Most want someone else to fight the battle for them. Many believe anything the government puts out and never question or challenge it. Many prefer griping instead of doing something to put an end to the nonsense. Many aren’t interested in even learning how to affect change effectively. Social media is filled with gripers, even though griping is useless and ineffective. 

I see individuals who spend their entire day tweeting without saying anything meaningful or directing their tweets to those with the authority to make a change. It’s a total waste of time. We have shut down protests and rallies because it might be a trap. We are a country of passive individuals and cowards who want someone else to put themselves out in front to save them.

In the paragraph above, I just described what needs to happen using peaceful means. Short of that happening, it leaves violence. We won’t step up to violence for the reasons I stated earlier. Our government sees this. They know we will never become violent. 

Below is Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk’s message to the weak and afraid. I share his view and sentiment.


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