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While America Slept

 While America Slept

By Sheila G, November 17, 2020

We had our Presidential election 15 days ago, and we do not know who our President is. Our country is facing the largest voting scandal ever perpetrated in our country against President Trump. Every American needs to know we are facing much more than a stolen election.

Sidney Powell just provided a public update, “Trump votes were programmed to switch to Biden ahead of time, but Trumps votes were so high it didn’t do it right because they didn’t set their algorithms high enough. This is why they stopped counting.”




The question that needs to be asked and answered is who did this? With the Scytal raid in Germany and the seizure of the voting machines, it has become apparent who our enemy is, and it is a worldwide enemy of the people. It does not matter which continent we live on; the same scam is being unleashed upon all of us – worldwide. 


 We all have heard of UN Agenda 20, which was replaced with UN Agenda 30, and is now called Global Reset. The name changes are just a diversionary tactic. Regardless of what we call it, the motive, means, and money are clear, and we can thank our President for educating us. 

We now know that many of our government leaders in America are participating in this atrocity to human society in America and across the world. This has been going on for years and years. This is why I titled this article “While America Slept.” We all were not paying attention. This was happening long before Donald Trump came into the picture. I certainly include myself. Our, President, Donald J. Trump, has provided each of us with a priceless education. I will be forever thankful for all that he has done for us. 

It is no conspiracy theory.  Just like the Democrats telling us every step of the way what they are doing, so are the leaders of the world.  They are openly supporting the Global Reset.  We must all become knowledgeable of the Global Reset because it will replace our Constitutaion if  we let this nonsense continue.

 Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is an ardant supporter. He says, “The pandemic has presented our chance to reset the world”.

Click here to view Justin Trudeau making the statement

✅ June 3, 2020.The Davos Reset 2021 Agenda of the World Economic Forum. A New Phase of Economic and Social Destruction? This is the article by Global Research.

Click here to read article

Paster Jerome reveals the some of the significant American players behind the Global Reset.

View Pastor Jerome’s video here

Listen to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pledging allegiance to the New World order

Click here to view Lori Lightfoot endorsing the New World Order

✅ ✅ ✅ Published November 16, 2020 is a MUST read Bloomberg article published by Yahoo News. “

World Leaders Urge U.S.-China Reset as Virus Rages: NEF Update


“U.S. President-elect Joe Biden should look to develop an “overall constructive relationship” with China following “quite a tumultuous ride” over the past four years, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in an interview”

Read this revealing report of what America is facing


All of the above information affirms the pandemic is a key part of the success of the Global Reset. Without it there is no opportunity.  World leaders are seizing upon this opportunity.  They are not going to let go of it.

We must keep in mind all of the above. There is a direct correlation between the Democrats mail ballot initiative and the Global Reset.  There is a direct correlation between the pandemic and fraudulantly manipulating votes.  There is a direct correlation between America’s judicial system and the Global Reset.  There is a direct correlation between America’s judges and the Global Reset.

We know our CIA played an integral role in manipulating election outcomes worldwide. They did not do so for the people in those countries. They did not do it for us or our country either. They are doing it as part of the Global Reset and this is the only conclusion that can be made from the actions of these unfit for human society people working for and as part of our enemy. We need to dispose of the term deep state. It is simply too generic. Remember the rally where the President said he did not realize the swamp was so deep. Neither did any of us.  

Today, many still do not recognize who the deep state is. The term is used generically without reference to who this group is. Wake up, people. The deep state is very, very deep. It is vast and spread across the world. It is corruption at its highest level.

Who is the deep state? They are the elite, ruling class. These are the people who feel they need to govern countries, continents, the world. These are are the people who see only two classes of people – the ruling class and everyday citizens. They have no room at the table for us to participate in our governance. These are the people behind the Global Reset.  These are the people who want to destroy our Constitution and replace it with a world order set of rules to live by.

This is our enemy and the enemy of the people of the world

The Americans participating in this are committing treason

We must start calling them what they are – they are the corrupt rich who take kickbacks from lobbyists and in return pass laws for the companies the lobbyists represent. Those laws are not in the best interest of the people who elected them. Those laws are written with personal purpose and intent. The ruling class steals money from the taxpayer piggy banks by creating nefarious foreign aid packages containing kickbacks for them. The ruling class includes our own Congress who creates aid to American people packed with pork as evidenced by Pelosi’s pork-filled coronavirus package. The ruling class are the people who want to sell our public land resources and intellectual property for a profit that will line their pockets with money that belongs to we, the people, the taxpayers of America. The ruling class are people who influence government contract awards in return for money to line their pockets. 

Here is an example. In Florida, we have two conservative federal and state representatives who profess to support immigration reform. They even have it on their platforms on their websites. But when it came time to vote for reform, they voted against it because lobbyists said it would hurt the cruise, agriculture and hotel industry. How much money went into the pockets of these two men for them to vote against it. Their vote against it clearly shows their disingenuous claim for support. I really just stated this far too nicely. These two men lied to their voters. Either you support immigration reform by supporting the will of the people who elected you or you don’t. When they voted against it, it is the same as creating a self-serving law to put profit into their pockets. They did not serve the people who elected them to represent the people as a whole.  

We now know the FBI and the Department of Justice are corrupt as well. They knew for four years; the dossier was a fake. They sat on information that would have stopped the impeachment, but they withheld it. These people withheld information because they are our enemy. It was intentional and purposeful. It has been reported that Durham is closing down and not prosecuting anyone for a fake dossier whose sole intent was to dispose of our President that we elected. Reporter, John Solomon received contradicting info from a source he feels is highly reliable. His source tells him it is not true, and there will be many prosecutions. 

I will wait to pass judgment on Durham. If it is true that Durham is shutting down and there will be no prosecutions, then Durham’s inaction is unacceptable. It will be because the Department of Justice has failed us miserably and intentionally. If that alone is not enough, the Department of Justice and FBI are doing zero about Joe Biden and his family selling themselves and our country to China. They are doing nothing about Hunter Biden molesting his niece. They are doing nothing about Joe Biden sexually attacking Tara Reed. The DOJ and FBI are affording the Biden family, a member of the elite ruling class, and corrupt as hell, protection.

During the impeachment, serial liar Adam Schiff trotted in corrupt Ambassadors to testify against our President. Keep in mind most of the Ambassadors have spent their careers living outside of America. The ambassadors are accustomed to hobnobbing with the elite of other countries. The ambassadors were also paid by these countries behind the scenes for their allegiance to the country they were stationed in. They should be Rico’d. I believe that the DOJ and FBI have full knowledge of this. How could they not? Another example of DoJ and FBI protectionism. 

Our President interrupted the elite lifestyle of the Ambassadors and they did not like that. I am sure there is much nefarious activity that we don’t yet know that occurred and is occurring in American embassies. 

Ambassadors hold no allegiance to our country. They had the means, motive, and our taxpayer money to undermine our President’s efforts. Why? Arrogance is one reason. How dare the President interrupt their foreign policy, which was needed to support their accustomed lifestyle along with their free and unaccountable reign, allowing them to do as they wish, free of impediment, public scrutiny, and any accountability. They see themselves above the average citizen and a member of the elite ruling class. 

And we must all know that the ambassadors worked in tandem with our corrupt CIA and sinister and corrupt Barack Obama. Many of our Ambassadors are in bed with our enemy.  The DOJ and FBI know this and chose to do nothing. This group also falls within the circle of protectionism. Ambassadors are members of the elite ruling class. They want a coveted seat at the table with the nefarious characters.

Our current CIA Director, Gina Haspel, was in 2013, appointed by John Brennan, then the director of Central Intelligence, as acting Director of the National Clandenstine Service, which carries out covert operations around the globe. However, she was not appointed to the position permanently due to her involvement in the Rendition, Detention and Interrogation program. However, it is said that Haspel resided in London and ran whatever clandestine operation Brennan called for. She had to know about and participate in all of it – the fake dossier, voting machines, the coup to remove the President. We can only construe her participation as the reason she is refusing to declassify documents the President has requested. Sidney Powell is spot on when she said Haspel needs to be fired and fired today. She is a member of the elite ruling class and also afforded protectionism by the DOJ and FBI. Haspel is supporting our enemy.

 FBI Director Wray was a partner with a law firm in Atlanta who represented Rosneft Oil Company, a Russian-owned oil company, in mergers and acquisitions months before his confirmation for FBI Director. He did not disclose this to Congress before his confirmation. At this same time, Hunter Biden was representing a Chinese Communist Party member in acquiring a 14% stake in Rosneft with his daddy’s approval. Is this why the Biden family has not been Rico’d? We know the Biden family is part of the elite enemy plotting against the people of the world. The Bloomberg article makes this absolutely clear.  Our enemy isn’t even hiding this fact.  Joe is the one that will make this happen for our enemy.  He and his family bought and sold themselves to China.  Again, another example of the ruling class elite being afforded protectionism by the DOJ and FBI.                                                                                                                                                                      

It is certainly not the only reason nothing has been done. The Department of Justice and the FBI have been running a protection racket for years, aiding, abetting, and protecting the nefarious people who want to take us down and rule our country. They protect the individuals who accuse our President of using the Department of Justice as his personal attorney, when in fact it is them using these agencies for protection from prosecution. It is a behavioral strategy to accuse the target of what the enemy itself is doing.

The law is broken over and over, and there is no accountability for the elite nor the corrupt Doj attorneys and FBI leaders. They lie to us just like our Congress, and there is no accountability. But, whenever Joe Schmo lies to Congress or the FBI, they will make it their personal mission to ruin your reputation, break your family apart, and bankrupt you to get the win. Here are some examples;

It was the FBI who setup General Flynn for prosecution. We all know General Flynn is an honest and admirable man who served his country with honor. Barr comes in and reduces the sentence because it is not in line with other similar crimes. Judge Emmit Sullivan, who I once believed is an admirable and honorable member of the court, is having no part of this. It is factually proven the General was setup, pleading guilty only because the FBI threatened to jail his son. We have seen the notes, the transcript, and so on. We also know, the FBI withheld exculpatory evidence from the General’s defense attorneys. Judge Emmit Sullivan is working for the enemy of the people of the United States of America. The FBI prosecuted the General to prevent him from learning and revealing the corruption behind the Obama administration. Obama needed Flynn out. The elite ruling class needed Flynn out. That is again another example of the DOJ’s and FBI’s protection racket.

Mueller and Weissman are classic examples of this. Research what these two horrible people did to Arthur Anderson and 70,000 employees to take Enron down. It took five years, yes, five years, for the case to make it to the Supreme Court and the ruling overturned. It was five years too late for Arthur Anderson and their employees- the company and careers were destroyed. Yet, these two horrible men walked away with no sanctions for breaking the law. They made their own law, a nonexistent law to charge Arthur Anderson with a crime that destroyed a major corporation and the lives of thousands of their employees. These are the two men that were never held accountable for their egregious disregard for the law and were put in place by the DOJ as special counsel to investigate Russian collusion and our President. Again, they walked out the door without any accountability for withholding information that would have exonerated our President during impeachment. Why? Because they were part of the coup. The coup is to achieve the Global Reset. Our current DOJ and the FBI know this but choose to do nothing about it. They protect their own. 

Why is Bruce Orr still employed at the DOJ and holding the keys to the kingdom? He and his wife Nellie colluded with Steel in creating the fake dossier. Both should have been arrested and tried for treason. But they, too, are protected by the DOJ and FBI. It is shameful. 

Why has not Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Paige, Brennan and Brennan’s crew been prosecuted? It is only interesting they feared losing their jobs if Hillary won. It does nothing to change the fact they chose to participate in the biggest crime in American history free of and protected from prosecution. Again, under the protection racket of the DOJ and FBI. 

The DNC servers that were said to be hacked that we now know were never hacked, never had one charge result for lying to the FBI. Where is the accountability for those that lied? Donna Brazil, Hillary, and someone from the FBI should be in jail for perpetuating that lie. Who with an ounce of sense would believe the servers were hacked once the FBI and the DNC said they couldn’t find them. We know these unscrupulous, deceitful and serial liars are active member and participants of the Global Reset. Yet, Mueller and Weissman did nothing but knew everything. Again, the DOJ and FBI protection racket is invoked

The evilest man in the world, Nazi George Soros, is given a free pass to destabilize governments worldwide, including ours without prosecution. Do you remember when our President went to Davos and told the elites America is not participating in the scam (my words, not his)? He essentially flipped them the finger. Did you know Soros, the very next day, called a special meeting with key members to discuss that the American President must not prevail? Use Duck Duck Go- anyone can find it. Does anyone believe the DOJ, FBI, and CIA do not have enough evidence to Rico this dirtbag, seize his assets, and put his Nazi butt in jail? You know, I know that this filthy Nazi is a primary leader of the Global Reset.  If you believe he is not, please believe I am the rightful heir to the throne and help me throw Elizabeth out of the castle.

This hateful, evil, power-hungry Nazi has funded caravans of illegals to infiltrate our borders. He funded organizations in America to get them into the country. He is funding Antifa and BLM to reek chaos upon Americans in our cities and funded voting machines that switch votes in countries worldwide. The last one means he would have been working with the CIA. Why has he not been prosecuted? Again, this implicates nefarious DOJ, FBI, CIA, state, county, and city attorneys. This Nazi not only pours millions into destabilizing our Federal government, but he also pours millions into state and local candidates to destabilize state and local governments. The candidates are people who have sold themselves to the Nazi. Soros is proving he can succeed where Hitler failed. And our DOJ, FBI, and CIA want us to believe Soros has done nothing that meets a violation of our laws. Why? Because they’ve done nothing on anything that Soros has done, I can only assume these federal agencies are in on it.

Our enemy, the ruling class, includes our Congress and appointed government leaders who participated in manipulating our votes to select the American President and undermine our current President every step of the way. State officials and their families received kickbacks for using these machines in their states. Look at the 24 Democratic governors, Secretaries of State, and who has the voting machines, and that is where you will find the recipients of those kickbacks.

The ruling class is responsible for impeaching our President based on false charges for withholding aid to a corrupt country, Ukraine. It was the ruling class that withheld aid from the American people at a time of our greatest need – not once but two times. 

The elite ruling class fought the President for four years on closing the borders. When he closed international travel due to the virus, they called him a xenophobe. Now they say he didn’t act quickly enough while they placed no emphasis on the virus themselves and continued with the impeachment. They said he didn’t respond quickly enough to our hospitals’ needs, and because of that, our President is responsible for these needless deaths. Yet, he built hospitals that went unused. He had supplies sent to them. We have five democratic governors that sent covid patients into nursing homes and made death camps out of them instead of sending them to the hospitals our President built with our taxpayer money. Why? They needed the deaths to skyrocket. They sacrificed human life to justify the lockdown, the closing of businesses to destabilize America in the quest to take down the middle class and our President. As soon as the line began to flatten – the hospitals laid off support staff and nurses. These governors murdered grandma, grandpa, our aunts, and uncles. Yet, no one from the DOJ or Fbi has done a thing. Again, another example of protectionism for the elite. 

Then we have the CDC, FDA, HHS, and the NIH running the virus scam in tandem with the corrupt World Health Organization. We must recognize this relationship.  It is an important relationship the Global Reset to take place.

We have Fauci and WHO’s Dr. Tedros working together to prevent us from using HCQ by telling us we need a vaccine. Dr. Tedros is not a medical doctor. He has a PhD in Community Health. He has NEVER treated a patient. This unqualified man is the lead doctor for the World Health Organization. How many patients has Fauci treated in the last 20 years? Has he ever treated a patient? Do the American people know Redfield’s history? This doctor royally screwed the American people with his incompetent management, research, and HIV vaccine testing. He infected people. He was forced out of the government and then brought back years later and put in charge. 

There is no line defining these government agencies from pharmaceutical companies. They each ensure the other gets the cut of the pie. The government’s scientists develop the vaccine. The government gives (for free) the vaccine to the pharmaceutical companies to develop and sell across the world. The scientists patent the vaccines and they and their leaders can receive each up to $150,000 per year in royalties. The agency that developed the vaccine is eligible to receive unlimited royalties for their yearly operating budget. This is how Fauci funded the Wuhan lab. Once the pharmaceutical company manufactures the vaccine, the CDC buys the vaccines from the pharmaceutical companies that received the free recipe from the CDC.  The CDC pays the pharmaceutical two times the price the vaccine is sold for to Europe . The CDC then establishes the vaccine as mandatory. A vaccine has no legal requirement for testing. There is some testing they do. But it is not the same requirement for testing medication – not even close. Both the government and the manufacture have no liability if the vaccines result in permanent damage to health. This means neither can be sued if the vaccine produces tragic results. Flu vaccines are developed every year by scientists. They use an already patented formula, add to it and then create a new patent.

This is the equivalent of the CDC and the pharmaceuticals having their own printing machine for producing money. There is little cost for developing and manufacturing the vaccine. There is no liability, which is the most expensive part, and no advertising costs because the CDC and foreign governments mandate who must be vaccinated. 

Now you should see and understand why our CDC is standing firm on preventing the use of hydroxychloroquine for eradicating Covid-19. It is a lie that it is ineffective. They are lying because they want the royalties from the vaccine. They are lying because it is agreed they are the key to keeping the pandemic in play for the Global Reset. 

The numbers gathered for death counts and cases are all intentionally mismanaged and deceptively reported with purposeful intention. It is to get us to buy into the lie for their personal profit and to buy the time needed for the Global Reset to happen.

In the end, we will find these nefarious people partnered and colluded with China to take the world down. 

What do we do?

The President has little time left to pull through this. He has some tough decisions to make very quickly. So do we. If the President does not get the electoral votes and cannot get the 12th amendment invoked, what then? Does he deputize 5,000 citizens in each state for the express purpose of cleaning the states of the filth? Does he deputize citizens to march into the halls of Congress, the DOJ, FBI, and CIA to arrest our corrupt elected and appointed officials?

If he doesn’t, are we going to do it on our own? I don’t want to hear the military, federal marshals, DHS, FBI, DOJ will do that. The leaders have not done a damn thing past or present. Are we going to exercise our 2nd amendment rights? Are we going to stand up by taking matters into our own hands to prevent the Global Reset from happening in America. This is precisely why this amendment exists. 

As you have read, I have slammed the DOJ and the military very hard in present and past articles. I want to be clear that I am referring to the leaders. I have the utmost respect for our frontline law enforcement, military, and FBI. My beef is with the leaders.  

I liked AG Barr and General Milley. I don’t want to believe they are part of the elite ruling class or the Global Reset.  I am keeping the option open; like our President, they have leaders within their organizations fighting them every step of the way, which impedes progress. However, as more and more evidence is revealed, I am beginning to believe they may be a part of the ruling class fraud and the reset.

I pray the President prevails. If he does, the only solution to fixing the situation is to completely gut these organizations, fire the appointed leaders and reorganize from top to bottom. A smaller government is much easier to keep clean and corruption-free.

We all need to acknowledge that we played a significant part in how we got to today. As citizens, me included, we slept for years while corruption grew in our country. Are we a party of wimps, or are we willing to do whatever is necessary to rid America of the scum? Every smart person knows contingency plans must be in place for any success to happen. We DO NOT have contingency plans. We are placing the entire burden upon the Presidentl. Do we have any warriors within our ranks? 

No citizen should fear their government. However, every government should fear their citizens.

We must learn to fight effectively and to become resisters. I have learned from four years of experience; our tweets have not made any meaningful change. If so, we would not be in our present condition.  

There are some things from Twitter that I enjoyed and some takeaways that will remain. I enjoyed meeting many like-minded conservatives. I enjoyed directly sending the gift of my feedback to specific individuals. I very much enjoyed telling @jack what an ass he is. I enjoyed learning from you and knowing we are on the same page. I enjoyed Twitter’s news feeds. I know who the Twitter heroes are and I applaud and admire you.

There are some things I didn’t like. I did not like that most conservatives on Twitter did not contribute to our new candidates. This is an imperical fact provided by Winred. We could have taken the house if more people would have opened their pockets.  

I did not enjoy retweeting frivolous, no thought tweets. Many times I felt like I was talking to myself. – retweeting over and over the beef with todays’ topic to each other without ever letting the people who could influence the change know we had a problem with them or the issue. That is what I mean by talking to myself.  

How many times a day did we tweet over and over the same issue – to each other? It was a lot. But it enabled me to identify the real digital warriors. These were the people who stood up and let our Congress know where they stood. They didn’t care if their account was taken down. They didn’t care if they had ten followers or 100,000. They reinvented themselves when their accounts were suspended and came back without modifying how they fought. Some came back over and over. It is these people on Twitter who are our heroes and continue to fight with everything they have. I am convinced these will be the people fighting on the streets and in the allies when needed. These people are not a part of the silent majority – they are our fighters. I am deeply thankful for meeting them and having them in my life. I am deeply honored to have many on my team.      

Lastly, I say systemic racism is bullshit. Systemic corruption is the real problem. I also say F$ck Antifa. F$ck BLM.

Thank you for reading this. You can always direct message me with your gift of feedback. I promise you I will not be offended. God bless America and all of us.      

You can find me on Twitter and Parler @TheSheilaG2020. Same handle for both.


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