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Will your child be one who doesn’t have lunch at school?

 Will your child be one who doesn’t have lunch at school?


Sheila G

August 7, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I have reached my limit with unelected apointees and their flunky staff workers telling us how our tax dollars are going to spent. When I read about the school lunch program below it enraged me.  Here’s a direct quote from the article:

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia — Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R), told Breitbart News the Biden administration is using “nutrition assistance for needy kids to push a far left political ideology on local school districts.”

Miyares recently joined over 20 Republican attorneys general in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture for attaching its school lunch assistance program to gender ideology.

“To just make sure everybody knows exactly what’s happening: you have the Department of Agriculture — the USDA — which is saying for school districts that provide reduced lunches for needy children — nutrition assistance for needy children — ‘If you want this money, you have to allow biological males to play women’s sports, and you have to allow biological males to use women’s bathrooms,” Miyares said.



For many of these children this is the only meal they will have in a day. Our government knows this and in fact is the reason this program was launched years ago.  Now the government is  using those children as pawns to push their woke agenda. It is egregious that the United States Department of Agriculture would intentionally harm children by depriving them of lunch so that a transgender male to female can pee in the girl’s restroom and play in girls sports.

Here is my thought on transgender. Until the individual has the surgery to add or remove parts, you are doing nothing more than playing pretend. You are pretending to be a female when you still have your penis and have no vagina. You are pretending to be a male when you still have your breasts and vagina and no penis. Period. If you want admittance – get the surgery.

I would like the United States Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack explain to me how he, as an unelected appointed official, and how his staff members have the authority to decide how our tax money is going to be spent, and how they have the authority to dictate to any school any transgender rules or any rule for any reason.

It is BLACKMAIL and Vilsack and all staff members who worked on this should be charged, tried and jailed for trying to extort something by threat.

While I am thankful for our Attorney Generals stepping up to fight for our children, this begs the following questions to be answered

  1. WTF is Congress doing and how did this even make it out the front door?

  2. WTF is our school boards doing?

  3. WTF are parents doing about this?

  4. WTF is @thejusticedept doing about this?

No one in numbers one through four is doing a damn thing! These are children that are being used as pawns by the Groomer party to push their sexist, idiotic, perverted woke beliefs onto our kids and they are using blackmail to do it!

Does this cross the line in the sand for you?

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