• June 22, 2024

10 essays of “On Q” with Robert David Steele

 10 essays of “On Q” with Robert David Steele


By Martin Geddes

My earlier short video interview with Rober David Steele was very popular, so we arranged to do a follow up this week.

I went through the high level message of each of the ten essays in my “On Q” collection (free PDF download here).


The Western mass media is currently in an all-out war on QAnon and the truth community. This is because their own complicity in the most horrendous crimes against humanity is being exposed, especially human trafficking and paedophilia. A ruthless “supermafia” has infiltrated and hijacked many institutions we had trusted, and its control of the media has prevented the public from seeing justice.

As an example, they repeatedly label QAnon as a potential terrorist threat, but the FBI has no such record. You can check it yourself, and others have done the FoI request for you. It is a flat-out lie being repeated over and over in an effort to make it appear to be the truth. Many in the public are being taken for a fool and cruelly played. This is just one of countless examples of gaslighting by the press.

Talking of lies, “Russian collusion” was a hoax and “conspiracy theory”. So was “Ukraine quid pro quo“. And so too was “Flynn is a traitor”. All have been complely exposed as propaganda pushed by the corrupt mass media. If you still think QAnon is crazy extremist nonsense after that, then the Spygate prosecutions have begun too — so objective reality isn’t on your side. It’s time to wake up to what’s really going on.

Spygate is the attempted cover up by Obama and his henchmen via a failed coup against the Trump administration. Failed coups don’t end well for their plotters — including those in the media. The Durham indictments will keep on dropping, and moving up the chain of command towards the top players. The “Q people” have been on top of this for 2+ years — while the media has misdirected the public away from its own criminality.

The role of the “fake news” media in protecting high level crime is going to be glaringly obvious to the masses as the election approaches. This week President Trump effectively endorsed QAnon — a backchannel to bypass the corrupt media — bringing it into the political mainstream. For many who have scorned and mocked “Q followers”, you will be in for a humbling shock.

I hope my work offers you a way of catching up quickly with what you have carelessly overlooked. Being on the wrong side of history is not going to be a good look when it comes to crimes against children.

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