• August 13, 2022

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American-based Israel Haters Hail Slain Terrorist

By yAbha Shankar IPT News August 12, 2022 A virulently anti-Israel group with an active U.S. presence on Tuesday glorified a top Palestinian terrorist reported to be a commander of the U.S.-designated Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. “The Lion of Nablus, Ibrahim Nabulsi was beloved by all in the city, emerging from an early age as one of its foremost defenders and resistance fighters,” said […]Read More

Democrats can save America??

Democrats can save America??????? By Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida   We know how to reduce crime, it’s called the threat of punishment, the one thing all criminals understand. That threat involves boots on the ground by people who swore an oath to protect & serve & uphold our laws & […]Read More

DOJ requests personal phone numbers of 2,000 Secret Service employees

by Ryan King, Breaking News Reporter       August 11, 2022 As part of its inquiry into the Jan. 6 riot, the Justice Department is reportedly seeking the personal cellphone numbers of more than 2,000 Secret Service workers. The request is broad, vying for phone numbers from agents who were not stationed near the protests on Jan. 6, including former President Donald […]Read More

New Comment from Donald J. Trump About the Raid on

M Dowling – August 11, 2022 Former President Trump put the following on TruthSocial. The raid, and it was a raid, was an invasion on every level. My attorneys and representatives were cooperating fully, and very good relationships had been established. The government could have had whatever they wanted, if we had it. They asked […]Read More

CAIR Loses Appeal on Suit Aimed at Muzzling Arizona Professor

A Scottsdale Community College professor did not violate his Muslim student’s rights when he taught about religious justification in Islamic terrorism, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district judge’s 2020 ruling dismissing the lawsuit filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on behalf of student Mohamed Sabra. In her […]Read More

Iran’s Threatens Israeli Gas Drilling and American Troops

by Ioannis E. Kotoulas Special to IPT News August 10, 2022 As Israel fights against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, Iran’s proxies keep up the tension on other possible fronts, threatening to bring the confrontation with Israel on the high seas. Now Iran – through Hizballah – threatens to disrupt Israeli economic […]Read More

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force

Defending The Republic 7 hr ago August 10, 2022 . Dear Patriots, The Global Elites are now resorting to unconstitutional force against a former President and potential candidate. The fact is, we are on to their game. And they are losing. We know their frauds. We know they lie to us. We know they cheat. […]Read More

NY AG Tried to Grill Trump on Wednesday – Update

M Dowling – August 10, 2022 Update: Donald Trump took the Fifth today during the questioning as it might incriminate him. Read about what he said to her at the end. THE ORIGINAL STORY ON WEDNESDAY, Donald J. Trump will face questioning under oath from the New York attorney general’s office. The New York Times […]Read More