• September 29, 2023

Editor @Investigator_50

Americans Fund Transgenic Edible Food Research

By-M Dowling –September 28, 2023 Transgenic edible food research canceled in the House! This research contaminates food with the DNA of other creatures. What does transgenic mean in food? These foods are made by inserting genes of other species into their DNA Rep. Thomas Massie helped the House pass an amendment prohibiting USDA funding of […]Read More

New Comprehensive Study on a COVID Drug Meant to Cure

By M Dowling -September 27, 2023 The SARS-CoV-2 virus is undergoing an unexpected pattern of changes. According to a study, an oral antiviral treatment called molnupiravir used to treat COVID-19 causes changes in the viral genome during replication. While the drug harm or kill the virus, it also induces other persistent mutations. Molnupiravir or Lagevrio, […]Read More

Ex-Smartmatic Exec Indicted in Money Laundering Scheme

By–M Dowling– September 26, 2023 The DOJ indicted Smartmatic, the software provider all US election tabulation machines use foundationally. The operating system of the tabulation machines is Smartmatic. Smartmatic, the voting technology company suing Fox News and former President Donald Trump’s top allies over their false claims that its machines rigged the 2020 election, was […]Read More

Only 10% of the $7.5T Spent During COVID Went to

By– M Dowling -September 25, 2023 Only 10% of the $7.5 trillion spent during Covid went to health. The rest funded Democrat wish lists from welfare to cash handouts to sketchy subsidies for special interests. Dr. Peter St. Onge, a Heritage Fellow, gives us the lowdown in the clip below. A new report by Heritage […]Read More

Adam Schiff Says His Faith Inspires Him ‘To Ensure the

CRAIG BANNISTER | SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 DONATE DONATE   Despite the ponderous, and continually growing, evidence of his, and the Biden Administration’s, two-tiered system of justice, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) claims that his faith-based principles inspire him “to ensure the rule of law is applied equally.” Rep. Schiff, who has been censured by the House for […]Read More

The government is colluding with social media platforms to censor

By —Sen. Rand Paul—-September 24, 2023 By Sen. Rand Paul September 24, 2023 06:00 AM   In 2021, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a military research agency under the Pentagon , sought proposals for “real-time, comprehensive tools that establish ground truth for how countries are conducting domestic information control.” DARPA’s goal in developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology […]Read More

Must Watch: Terrifying Invasion

By– M Dowling -September 23, 2023 We are being invaded, and this is terrifying. We have no clue who is coming into this country as our globalist rulers in DC start World War III. Is there anyone with any sense who will stop this? The invasion is mostly by single men of military fighting age. As Border Patrol […]Read More

Republicans Ignore the Winning Campaign Issue

By– M Dowling -September 23, 2023 Republicans, hello, there’s an elephant in the room. Republicans are ignoring the elephant in the room; they truly are the stupid party. They’re impeaching Joe Biden for crimes he committed nine years ago but not impeaching him and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for breaking our immigration […]Read More