• May 17, 2021

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Biden’s ‘Uncle Joe’ moments feed Republican claims someone else is

by Naomi Lim, Political Reporter  | May 17, 2021 President Joe Biden may be commander in chief, but he has not ditched his “Uncle Joe” persona, cultivated over almost half a century in politics. Republicans contend Biden’s sometimes-doddering ways are calculated to obscure his liberal priorities as he, his aides, and their congressional allies take advantage of narrow majorities on Capitol […]Read More

Dominion is terrified of Sidney Powell

Dear Patriots,The hit pieces we predicted last week are incoming now—in clearly coordinated droves!  We note that as soon as Sidney called out Dominion after the election, the company hired Obama’s “public relations” machine, and the smear campaign of lies is going full force! Multiple outlets are piling on to spread lies about Sidney and […]Read More

Hamas’s Decisions Again Drag Gazans into War

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue striking targets throughout Gaza, seeking to degrade the ability of terror factions Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to terrorize, injure, and kill Israeli civilians with rocket attacks. As the Israeli Air Force eliminates senior ranking Hamas commanders, weapons manufacturing sites, and command and control bases, it is working together […]Read More

Defending the right to challenge your government

Sidney Powell Update Dear Patriots,Every day, Sidney and Team Kraken are fighting election fraud on many fronts. One part of this battle is to support and defend fellow patriots who were punished for doing the right thing by corrupt elected officials and bureaucrats. That is the case here. It was apparent to Charles Ritchard, the […]Read More

America First Legal Files New Lawsuit Against Biden Administration for

Scandalous New Guidelines Punish Hard-Hit Bar & Restaurant Owners Based on Race WASHINGTON, DC – In its continuing mission to uphold civil rights and the vision of Martin Luther King Jr., America First Legal has filed a historic lawsuit to block the Biden Administration’s illegal racial discrimination in administering COVID relief policies. Congress created the Restaurant Revitalization Fund […]Read More

Cheney ouster points to rough time for Biden after midterm

by Naomi Lim, Political Reporter  May 13, 2021 House Republicans dumping Rep. Liz Cheney from GOP leadership may be a boon for President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats heading into the 2022 midterm elections — but not after. But should Republicans clinch control of the House and Senate in next year’s elections, as history suggests, the pro-Donald Trump political […]Read More

Yet Again, the Media Blames Israel for a Conflict Hamas

by Phyllis Chesler Investigative Project on Terrorism   News May 12, 2021 Islamist terrorist groups, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have launched more than 1,200 rockets (and counting) toward Israel since Monday, and the United Nations (!), is keeping close watch, issuing warnings, and sharing their fears that a full-scale “war” is about to break out. I only vaguely […]Read More

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