• August 13, 2022

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Supply Chain Problems Will Persist Because The System Is Being

by Brandon Smith Alt-Market.us In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the executive vice president of UPS asserted that “regionalization” of the supply chain is critical to economic stability as geopolitcal conflicts expand. The word “regionalization” is basically a code word to describe decentralization, a concept which the UPS representative obviously did not want to dive into […]Read More

Pilots Are No Longer Fit to Fly After C19 Vax

“This is a real danger.” Attorney Todd Callender and Josh Yoder of https://USfreedomflyers.org join The Zelenko Report to weigh in on the state of the airline industry. THE ZELENKO REPORT https://ZFreedomFoundation.com DONATE: ZELENKO FREEDOM FOUNDATION https://act.zfreedomfoundation.com/contribute LIVE: BRIGHTEON.TV 1PM ET STREAMING 9PM ET RUMBLE https://rumble.com/c/c-1772035 GETTER https://gettr.com/livenow GFWN.TV https://globalfinancialwealth.net/ BECOME A CITIZEN JOURNALIST https://yournews.com/become-a-yournews-citizen-journalist/ FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE: https://truthsocial.com/@annvandersteel https://gettr.com/i/annvandersteel https://t.me/AnnVandersteelTruth […]Read More

Red States Prepare to Fight the ESG Dictatorship

M Dowling – August 5, 2022 Republican state officials are readying plans to punish woke banks that push anti-fossil fuel policies and adhere to so-called environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards [dictatorship]. West Virginia announced last week it would bar five major financial institutions from entering into banking contracts with the state treasurer’s office or […]Read More

76,789 Deaths 6,089,773 Injuries Following COVID-19 Vaccines

76,789 Deaths 6,089,773 Injuries Reported in U.S. and European Databases Following COVID-19 Vaccines by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News The European Medicines Agency (EMA) database of adverse drug reactions is now reporting 46,999 deaths and 4,731,833 injuries following COVID-19 vaccines (details below). In the United States, the Vaccine Adverse Events Recording System (VAERS) is now […]Read More

We knew the Biden border crisis was bad. We never

AUGUST 04, 2022 06:00 AM BY  REPS. JOHN KATKO, MARIO DIAZ-BALART, AND TONY GONZALES In the spring of 2021, amid unified Democratic control of Washington for the first time in over a decade, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) appointed us and several of our GOP colleagues to investigate the national security implications of what was occurring […]Read More

Special Announcement: NEW Solution Series!

I am so excited to be making this announcement! We’ve all been working really hard to get this series launched. This Saturday will be a sneak peek of the first episode, which will launch Thursday, August 11th. The first episode is FREE! The Solution Series is exclusively available on coreysdigs.com and solari.com. s Hosted by […]Read More