• February 21, 2024

“13M Gotaways” Alone, 14,509 Illegal Crossers in One Day

 “13M Gotaways” Alone, 14,509 Illegal Crossers in One Day

A Washinton Examiner report puts the new estimate this week of the growing population of “gotaways” in the United States at a sky-high 13 million, more than the population of every state except four: California, Texas, New York, and Florida.

“I think the number is around, now, probably close to 13 million,” said Steven Camarota, the research director for the Center for Immigration Studies.

There is a formula for determining the numbers, but there could be one million to two million more than that.


As most people now know, Biden’s administration has halted international commerce temporarily to speed up the processing of illegal unvetted crossers.

Border Patrol announced this week that on Monday, they had a total record-breaking 14,509 apprehensions across all sectors in one day.

The Border Patrol has been leaking their official numbers to Washington Examiner reporter Anna Giaritelli.

On Wednesday morning, Giaritelli announced, “Leaked numbers from CBP show 27,159 immigrants are in federal custody nationwide as of this morning — most I can recall ever seeing.”

The hot spots are Eagle Pass, Texas, and Lukeville, Arizona.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who is on the scene in Arizona this week, announced Wednesday morning that the illegals are coming from all over the world – including Afghanistan, India, Guinea, Liberia, and many other countries.

Watch the clips at the end.

The administration is deliberately destroying the country to get its permanent electoral majority. There is a possible revenge factor as well. Republicans didn’t go along with their amnesty demands for millions of illegal crossers, so here we are.

The Democrat administration has been giving amnesty to everyone who crosses US borders. An example of this comes from a very stunned immigration attorney.

A Fox News host began a segment by showing viewers a notice for a Colombian woman who crossed illegally and was released into the US for her to check in with ICE in New York City in 2031, eight years from now. He talked to her immigration attorney, and he says “he was left absolutely stunned, and he’s been doing this job for almost 30 years.”

“They gave her a return notice to come back in 2031. So that’s quite possibly the most unusual thing I’ve ever seen in my near-three decades of practicing immigration law. It made me realize that the Biden administration is basically providing backdoor amnesty for anyone that shows up at the border.”







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