• June 16, 2024

2020 election will determine the speed and strength of our economic recovery

 2020 election will determine the speed and strength of our economic recovery

The November 2020 election will determine the speed and strength of our economic recovery. In the interest of national security, we willingly closed our country down to battle the Covid 19 virus. We were told this pandemic would kill millions and our economy. This was only partly true.

As Americans we came together to battle this invisible enemy. We did what was asked of us and a very real enemy has emerged. Governors were all to quick to seize the power to mandate every aspect of our lives. They were quick to take our civil rights, all in the interest of public safety. At first, we didn’t need masks and they could not save us, only to be told masks and quarantines would save society. With the spring we were told we could not worship together and this was the new normal. Our way of life would forever be altered and our power-hungry politicians would seize even more power. The threat was so ominous the House of Representatives would go into lockdown thus stalling a functioning government.

The death count was a resounding disappointment to the power brokers, and we were forced to comply with keeping our children hostage in our homes and abandoning our elders in nursing facilities not equipped to care for them. This would ultimately help produce the added death toll to justify the draconian measures to control us.

Our future is not written as the powerful would have you believe. The coming months will be detrimental to the November elections and they know it. We have a choice; we can submit or fight. The test of our resolve and willingness to stand up for our future is now.

We have seen how politicians reacted in this time of prescribed crises. Will you re-elect people that failed to fight for your rights? Will you re-elect elitists that treated this economically crippling quarantine as spring break or paid vacation?

In California we have what is called a jungle primary that has limited our elections to only one party in many races, forcing us to pick the lessor of two evils. This March something amazing happened in the Golden State. Republican candidates won primaries and are positioned to take California and help take control of the US House of Representatives. With that victory is our best chance to re-open our businesses and take our lives back. This modern revolution started with the election of President Trump and will end with the Election on November 3, 2020.

We have learned a valuable lesson in the past few months. We have learned that we need to respect each other’s personal space and to practice good hygiene, wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough. Simple things usually taught during childhood. We have also learned our votes count. Every vote counts and we must come together to save our republic.

Chris Bish, Candidate for Congress


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