• February 28, 2024

2024: A year for the history books

 2024: A year for the history books

January 03, 2024

Dear Patriots,

Welcome to a new year of DTR newsletters. We hope you had a restful and meaningful Christmas break.

It is not too early to prepare your heart, mind, and body for the unprecedented and unpredictable year before us. While there is no lack of gloom and doom being shouted about, we see hope on the horizon. But, getting to that place is probably not going to be fun, easy or without casualty.

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Now for some news you may have not seen over the holidays and a few suggestions on who to read for honest information in the new year.

1- A quick win in the new year. Now, we need to see the governing boards of Harvard fired and replaced.

By the way, follow Chris Rufo and his work to abolish DEI at all state universities and ending sex change procedures on children.

Christopher F. Rufo on Substack

Claudine Gay Resigns

QUOTE: Our campaign to expose the Harvard president’s corruption has yielded a major victory.

Harvard president Claudine Gay has resigned. In a statement published this afternoon, Gay said that she will be “stepping down” with a “heavy heart” and acknowledged that “doubt” about her “commitments to confronting hate and to upholding scholarly rigor” had made the continuation of her presidency impossible.

This is a major victory for my reporting. I broke the initial plagiarism story with Christopher Brunet, exposed Harvard’s “DEI empire,” and charted a strategy for ousting Gay and restoring truth, rather than racialist ideology, as the highest principle at Harvard and beyond. My great hope is that this will mark the beginning of the end for DEI ideology in America’s institutions.

2- Another important, smart, honest and hard working investigative journalist that you must follow this year is Julie Kelly. She is on top of all matters related to the January 6 trials and arrests. She is also following the Trump trials and election fraud investigtions.

Julie Kelly on Substack

2024: All Eyes on SCOTUS

QUOTE: What happens at Supreme Court next year will shape the country’s political future. Will justices punt like they did during 2020 election or tame a dangerously out-of-control legal and judicial system?

Throughout 2020, both Republicans and Democrats warned that the U.S. Supreme Court would ultimately determine the winner of the presidential election—albeit for different reasons.

Democrats feared a conservative majority would uphold what they called “voter suppression” laws to tighten voting requirements that might benefit President Trump. Republicans worried how the court would handle cases related to lax absentee voting measures enacted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that gave Joe Biden a big advantage.

Democrats, it is fair to say, won the day in 2020. Justices systematically denied consideration of numerous lawsuits challenging the validity of elections in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan—a persistent sore spot on the Right.

Which is why many Republicans turn a skeptical eye toward the court’s involvement in 2024 election matters. How will justices who punted on dealing with flagrant election fraud in 2020 now confront unprecedented political issues central to the Biden regime’s lust to put Trump behind bars before Election Day? Will the court again take the easy way out or find a spine at a time when the American people need it most?

Trump and his supporters received a bit of holiday cheer when the court announced on December 22 it would not consider a petition filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith to bypass the appellate process and hear arguments on Trump’s claims of presidential immunity in the D.C. case. Judge Tanya S. Chutkan issued an order earlier this month denying Trump’s motion to dismiss Smith’s four-count indictment for January 6 and efforts to “overturn” the 2020 election based on immunity protections.

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