• March 30, 2023

4 Crazy Biden Lies And It’s Only Tuesday

 4 Crazy Biden Lies And It’s Only Tuesday


Biden made absurd accusations against oil companies today, blaming them for the high prices as the election nears. After doing everything possible to destroy the fossil fuel industry, he’s acting as if the high prices have nothing to do with him.

The industry’s lobbying firm, the American Petroleum Institute, described Mr. Biden’s price gouging assertions as “outrageous” and “baseless.” The firm denounced the president’s tax threat as “campaign rhetoric” that would only further disincentive new production needed to curb rising prices, The Washington Times reports.

“He repeated the same debunked assertions he’s made in the past and again arrived at a policy proposal that would do the exact opposite of what would help families and businesses in this country,” API President and CEO Mike Sommers told reporters Tuesday. “This has become a trend: the administration takes credit for every cent of decrease in gasoline prices, but when prices go the other way, the finger-pointing begins.”

Chevron CEO Mike Wirth offered a similar warning about the president’s rhetoric deterring production, saying a windfall profit tax or export ban would be “short-sighted.”

“Typically, if you want less of something, you tax it,” he said on Bloomberg TV.

Watch the insanity:

In this clip, Joe Biden lied about Republicans, claiming they want to do away with Social Security and Medicare. No one is talking about that. Then he mimicked a fake southern accent with a dumb expression.

Once again, Joe Biden doesn’t know how his son died, and he lied about inflation again. When Russia invaded, inflation was at 7.9%. He also said he’s been to 54 US states. This is crazy.

Biden lied about creating jobs. Ten million were lost during the pandemic, and those ten million returned. He created nothing.

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