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Why Walmart is “Woke”

 Why Walmart is “Woke”

By: Sam Anselmo

By: Sam Anselmo

Why Walmart is “Woke” 

Let’s start with the quoted phrase of “harmful ammunition”.

What kind of ammunition isn’t considered harmful? The second amendment is a God given right, and even if you don’t believe in a higher power, it’s YOUR RIGHT as an AMERICAN to keep and bear arms, although it may not seem that way lately.

However, this isn’t an article about the second amendment. If you’d like to learn what the 2nd amendment is and is NOT, watch the documentary “THE DEATH OF AMERICA” (links at the end of the article) and find out why this country will crumble without it.

This article came to me after I went to a local Walmart in Branson, Missouri to purchase some rifle ammunition for a .223 bolt action hunting rifle. (pictured below) and the lies I was told after discovering this caliber wasn’t available. I decided to make a phone call that would make it all the way up to regional corporate management. Only to be lied to…

 Does that picture above frighten you?

How about this one?


The problem with “Woke-ism” is that a stigma is placed upon an object because of reasons that coincide with an ideology or political agenda on various things because they are either considered harmful, racist, bigoted, transphobic, homophobic, or just plain stupid.


What are the differences in the firearms shown above?

One is a 5.56/.223 bolt action rifle with a scope. A typical rifle used for hunting. The other two pictured are a part of the “AR” family, which stands for ARMALITE RIFLE, not “assault rifle” as the woke left has led many to believe.

The only difference in the two AR style rifles above is the model. One is an AR-15, the other is an AR-10.

So…What’s the difference and what’s the point?



The difference is the model and the caliber.

The rifle on the top of the image above this text is an AR-10, chambered in .308 caliber, which has twice as much energy as a .223/5.56 caliber chambered in the AR-15 below it. The AR-10 can be as much as FIVE TIMES MORE POWERFUL than it’s little sister, the AR-15.

Yet…Walmart SELLS .308 ammunition and even sells bolt action .308 Winchester rifles. Granted, you can’t shoot more than 10 rounds a MINUTE out of a bolt action in a typical setting, while with an AR style rifle you can shoot up to 600 rounds a minute.

But wait…Why do they sell the .308 and not the .223 or 5.56 calibers?


I made a phone call to Walmart Corporate Offices and asked this very question.

I was met with person after person, hold after hold by baffled employees and managers until I finally reached a regional manager in Missouri.

What he said was not only baffling, but an outright LIE!

I presented him with the following questions.

Why do you not sell pistol ammo? Afterall, you sell 22LR, 22 Magnum, .410, and .17mm which are all pistol calibers?

I wasn’t given an answer, because he wanted to respond to my original question which was “Why can’t I buy a .223 or 5.56 caliber for my bolt action rifle, but I can buy a .308 caliber for a bolt action rifle.”

His answer was “We just can’t get them in. There is no supply, and seeing a box of .223 or 5.56 is like finding a unicorn.” Don’t believe me? Wait until you hear the RECORDING of this call!


(Available at website owners discretion where this article is published)


I immediately called him out on his outright lie and stated;

Less than a mile down the road at Bass Pro, they have a near limitless stock of both 5.56 and .223 calibers, and re-stock before they get down to the last 50 boxes, and it’s been that way for years. So why can’t you get them? It’s simple Winchester brand boxes of 20.”

There was a LONG, and I mean LONG moment of silence. 9 seconds to be exact.

He responded with, “Well, I know that the rare occasion we get the stock list, they just don’t send it to us, uh, and well, we just don’t seem to be able to keep it when we DO get it in.

Really? That’s his final answer?

So I pried a bit more and asked him if he was sure it wasn’t “woke-ism” or didn’t have anything to do with a political agenda? But he dodged the question by pausing again and letting me know to check in again and see if they had some.

Well, I can tell you they will NOT have .223 or 5.56 ammo because an employee in the sporting goods section had a very different story.

He said the day they stopped selling pistol ammo, they were selling 9mm, and .45acp for pennies to the dollar a box, including .223 and 5.56 until they were gone, and got a notice that they would no longer sell .223 or 5.56 ammunition to help fight against MASS SHOOTINGS. THERE IT IS! THE BUZZ WORD OF 2020+

So the answer is WOKE-ISM!

You see, the difference between an AR-15 and an AR-10 is the caliber. But people don’t hear the word “AR-10” in the news. They only hearAR-15”…

So that’s the caliber that Woke-Mart decided to stop selling!

Here is a quick example of an AR-10. Again, double the pressure and up to 5 times more powerful than an AR-15 round, depending on what rounds you’re using.


Again, as you can see, the only difference is THE NAME that main-stream media has given! An AR-10 chambered in .308, which again WAL-MART SELLS can go into a 50 round Drum magazine, or a 40 round promag magazine, and shoot just as fast, and twice as hard as the AR-15, but because the stigma that goes along with the name, you can’t buy .223 or 5.56 at Walmart.

They refused to answer my question about Woke-Ism and refused to admit that it was banned for some reason. I suggested they either sell ALL the ammo, or don’t sell any at all. Then I confronted them with this press-release via by Wal-Mart, and asked why they lied to me about the “stock issues”, but of course no response.





You go WOKE you go BROKE, and eventually everything around you crumbles.

The people making decisions in companies, especially when it comes to firearms or anything related to our constitution, they simply ban it based on baseless claims, rather than fact, and do it simply to appease a very small population of very loud people.

It’s time we start speaking up. I think that if they want some “woke-ism” we should all start calling Wal-Mart DEMANDING that they stop selling ALL ammunition, because it’s offensive to people that have pistols and certain rifles.

They are discriminating against us for the caliber we chose, plane and simple, and that is the definition of bigotry at it’s finest.

Just incase you don’t know the definition of bigotry, here it is.

The unreasonable attachment to a belief, opinion or ‘faction’ (i.e a political party), in particular prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

This particular group being hunters and sportsmen and women that like to use the caliber of .223 and 5.56, 9mm, .45acp .40S&W, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and many, many more!

However, here are a list of rounds that you CAN buy at Walmart!


I will highlight the rounds that are available for PISTOLS f and highlight/*

AR-15 style/formatted rifles, just for extra shock and awe at the stupidity and ignorance of the woke left.

.22LR (pistol/Rifle)*

.22 Magnum (Pistol/Rifle)*

.17mm (Pistol/Rifle)

300 Win-Mag*

6.5 Creedmoor*



12g/20g* (AR Shotguns/Auto Shotguns) YES! EVEN SHOTGUNS HAVE THIS “deadly” PLATFORM!


The list goes on, but these images are just to give the general population with limited gun knowledge a little bit of information that they may not have been aware of.



Communism starts with small “things” and “items” being taken away. Then a few “small” rights. Then a few more…

Then some bigger ones…Then the “alphabet boys” and “acronym crones” such as the ATF, start to ‘ban’ weapons with the flick of a pen without votes, or congress, or the senate or any type of law passing manner, such as the recent BANNING of AR-15 style pistols to be classified as SHORT BARRELED RIFLES which has made MILLIONS of Americans FELONS with an overnight fax.

It won’t stop. It will continue until all your rights are gone, or until you decide you will not comply.

What are you choosing?

Compliance is Woke-Ism at it’s finest and will lead to nothing more than a monarchy or some other form of dictatorship as Thomas Jefferson predicted. Freedom exists in moderate governments whose jobs are to run our military, protect our borders, and defend the citizens at all costs.

We now live in a country where we send more money to other countries than we do our own people and add salt to the wound by adding taxes to cover those debts. Raise gas prices, food prices, and slowly but surely kill off small businesses and the middle class.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It starts small, so you don’t see it coming. Stop it before it’s too late.


Article By: Sam Anselmo


Check out his latest documentary “THE DEATH OF AMERICA” exclusive at Patriotparents.org/movies-documentaries   / An unbiased, non-political documentary about the second amendment and the constitution.

To listen to the recorded call, feel free to send an email to [email protected] – Due to potential legalities the sound bites will only be made public at the request of the publisher. If the publisher decides to upload it to the site, you will be notified by subscribing to the email list where this a

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