• April 14, 2024

56 Countries Look to De-Dollarize, Breaking from the “Demons in Davos”

 56 Countries Look to De-Dollarize, Breaking from the “Demons in Davos”


According to Min News, fifty-six countries, including Israel and Japan, want to de-dollarize. Japan is dumping the US dollar as fast as it can. This is a direct result of the lockdowns and the sanctions. Both were highly-destructive failures.

It is the beginning of the new world order that will possibly supersede the liberal world order within the next several years.

No sane country wants to depend on a nation that will weaponize the system or the “demons in Davos.”

Hangzhou – China, 04/09/2016. Presidente Michel Temer durante reunião com os lideres do Brics. Foto: Beto Barata/PR

The U.S. GDP shrank sharply in the first quarter, and the economy shrank at an annualized rate of 1.4%. It’s happening as the US is deeply in debt and doing nothing to change it. Instead, the US is looking to waste more money.

The US debt is 129% of the GDP. Inflation continues to rise precipitously as the economy contracts and debt piles up. Janet Yellen keeps trying to put lipstick on the pig, claiming it’s to a problem. The Fed raised rates again, indirectly passing the debt on to the consumer. It’s not over.

The Feds plan to divest of billions from their balance sheet. The dollar feast – that began when we incredibly stupidly locked down – is over.

We already posted Dr. Steven Turley’s discussion of de-dollarization, but it deserves more attention.

Much of the world rejects the liberal globalist order the West is trying to force on the world’s populace. They are re-traditionalists. The world’s people aren’t buying into the secular, irreligious, radical policies of control by elites.

As Dr. Turley says, Ukraine was never about Russia. The US was behind the 2014 color revolution in Ukraine although the media will deny it. The proof is on tape. Dr. Turley addresses it.

Dr. Turley said it’s all about protecting the liberal world of Joe Biden and Brussels. A Bidenista did admit it – you’ll hear that in the clip below. All those billions of dollars and nonsense about Ukraine upholding democracy were cover.

You don’t have to agree, but it’s information to consider that the media won’t share.

That brings us to the failed liberal world order. We are in the midst of de-dollarization around the globe, Turley says.

The thing that bothers Dr. Turley is many of us knew the sanctions – the weaponization of our financial system – would backfire. They have royally.


China and France just made a deal for LNG in yuan. They can do it without violating the sanctions. It’s step one in ending the petrodollar for trade. [The Biden administration had to know this would happen. It was discussed. Perhaps it would have been inevitable, but Obama and Biden, who has a large contingent of Obama and Soros advisors, hastened the fall.]

It is widely reported that China and Brazil made a deal to trade without the dollar. Saudi Arabia is also negotiating with China to use the yuan for oil trade.

Russia is pushing the yuan. China is talking with Saudi Arabia about building a refinery. [At the same time, the US under Biden is letting refineries go to dust. No one will or can build one, and the ones we have are growing old.]


Since 1999, the global reserves have fallen from 72% to 59%. BRICS and SEO are moving the world away from DC. and “from the demons in Davos, away from the bullies.” How many Americans want to move away from the “demons in Davos?” Probably millions.

It’s all coming. We have years, but it’s coming. Let’s hope the demons in the swamp and in Brussels don’t start a world war to stop it.

This is a national security threat since our drugs and so much else are made by the Chinese communists.



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