• June 24, 2024

This Transformational Moment

 This Transformational Moment

by James Bradley

US House Candidate , CA 33

This Transformational Moment

There are no words for the loss of life this pandemic has caused worldwide. Our collective hearts go out to all who have suffered fighting this virus or succumbing to it. As we adapt to a “safe at home” policy in order to flatten the illness curve, the cloud of Covid-19 has caused us to re-evaluate our collective consciousness and the true meaning of life, heroism and being the “United States” of America.

As theaters and stadiums are temporarily closed, we have suddenly come to re-evaluate the true meaning of being a superstar. “Stepping up to the Plate” has taken on a whole new meaning, as the so-called  “common” worker has become the new “Babe Ruth,” entering the batter’s box and knocking it out of the park. We now stand and cheer from our TVs the unknown doctors, nurses, first responders and cops who “suit up” daily in hazmat gear uniforms, or even simple plastic bags and paper masks to serve our country.

Stadiums and parks are being transformed into hospitals and distillers are turning alcohol into sanitizer. Car companies are reconfiguring to build breathing ventilators and clothing companies are converting to make surgical outfits and masks. Though many businesses are shuttered, farmers keep supplying food and truckers drive nonstop to deliver it, as well as other goods, to market -where clerks restock for cooks who prepare meals for delivery crews to bring to those in need.

In the past, “looking up ” to celebrities implied in a strange way that we “looked down” upon the common worker, but these months of crisis have fortunately made everyone do a 180 degree turn. Now sidelined actors and athletes are writing checks to arena staff and applauding them so that they can continue to work and help others.

We call ourselves the “United States” of America because we have always known from our first days at Plymouth Rock “United we stand, divided we fall.” As Americans, we will not falter and we will not fail. We will keep the faith and do our part, no matter how small. We will call upon our neighbors and help wherever we can. We must never forget that in it’s darkest hour, America’s beacon of light always brightly shines.

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