• February 21, 2024

A CHRISTMAS EVE WISH: Good, Faithful Americans Must Demand a Change of Venue for January 6 Defendants

 A CHRISTMAS EVE WISH: Good, Faithful Americans Must Demand a Change of Venue for January 6 Defendants

Change of Venue for January 6th Defendants Must Be Granted-
Fifty Years of Case Law Destroyed by Data Science & Psychology

Treniss Evans and Condemned USA are, once again, leading the charge for Justice with a brilliant approach to analyzing the problem, leaving no doubt under any objective review that DC is utterly incapable of seating an unbiased jury. Ironically appropriate – Evans uses left-leaning institutional teachings and implemented government policies to prove his theory. The DOJ is now in the proverbial rock and hard place fighting the accepted science you are told to shut up and accept.

Before Evans’s work to apply the data science frontier, woefully sad polls representing 1,200 people were used in the motions to change venue. Compared to over 250,000,000 United States Citizens’ collective data history used to make up the data dumped on the DOJ in the Fischer filing. Merry Christmas to the January 6th community as they open and read this unique and fact-filled motion on change of venue from attorney George Pallas.

The right to a fair trial before a jury of peers is a crucial component of Constitutional due process rights in America. While most of America recognizes January 6th defendants cannot find such a thing in the District of Columbia, no one has been able to definitively prove it in court to secure a change of venue. Evans refused to let this go, delivered on his promise to prove the theory, and dismantled over fifty years of legal precedent. Using both the data and the psychological sciences with current and accepted data to prove his point. Evans excitedly pointed to the team of “patriots” and assured us this was no lone-wolf effort to carry his years-old effort over the finish line.

In preparation for a December 18th filing in the case of A.J. Fischer, defendant Fischer, and Evans worked together with Brad Raksalas of Watch Post Analytics and Defense Attorney George Pallas to lay out the egregious consequences of implicit bias in DC and how it is clearly identified through analysis of Google Trends Research. Evans stated the filing represents “an exacting new frontier of irrefutable legal proof akin to fingerprinting and DNA evidence.”

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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