• June 22, 2024

A Library for Redpilling

 A Library for Redpilling

Below is a library catalog with direct links to Corey’s Digs
investigative reports and videos that break the reports into categories, as
well as fantastic resources and tools for researching and fact checking! This
catalog is updated twice a year and is available in pdf downloaded for free in The Bookshop, where dozens of
investigative reports are also available for download. Please watch this short
video message from Corey Lynn.

A lot of people are struggling with trying to “redpill,”
“wake others up,” or simply communicate with others who may not see eye to eye
on many topics. I think the biggest issue is the “divide” that’s been created,
that we’ve all fallen into – the left vs right. If we remove that and go
directly to core issues, the fact of the matter is, it’s really about a corrupt
force that has infiltrated every institution to control and take advantage of
people. Instead of approaching conversations from the standpoint of “left vs
right,” remove politics all together and discuss the core issues that are
impacting all people. It’s a little bit of a tricky dance, but can certainly be

Once you find common ground and are no longer a “threat,”
and they’ve recognized some areas of corruption, you can begin to trickle out
other truths. But I think the most important thing is to always keep in mind
that this isn’t about winning a debate, needing to be right, or forcing
something on someone who isn’t ready – this is about healing ourselves and
healing others, and ultimately, reclaiming our power, much of which is
spiritual. Always come from a place of compassion, for if you don’t, it will be
felt and a wall will quickly emerge. Intention is everything, and the ultimate
goal is for all of humanity to evolve out of this system and outside of the box
they’ve tried to keep us in. So find common ground, deliver a heartfelt
message, and make sure your intention is in alignment. People naturally want to
help others, want to feel supported and loved, and need to feel “safe,” so
stepping out of bounds, will only end in disaster. Get out of the ego, into the
heart, and keep it real.  Read More

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