• April 14, 2024

A Look at 10 Red States Leading the Charge Against Financial Tyranny

 A Look at 10 Red States Leading the Charge Against Financial Tyranny

By The Sharp Edge

While dysfunctional D.C. battles it out over the debt ceiling to reign in uncontrolled federal spending, ‘Quid Pro Joe’ (who is under Congressional investigation for laundering bribes by foreign nationals) recently pledged hundreds of millions more in aid to corrupt Ukraine, which has been exposed for embezzling funds. If that wasn’t enough, ‘The Big Guy’ committed another $250 million through USAID to the World Bank, which has the power to launder with immunity.

Meanwhile, the 2023 banking collapse is turning out to be worse than the 2008 crisis, and the Treasury Secretary is warning that more bank mergers may be around the corner, as wealth consolidates into a handful of woke megabanks, like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, which continue to target the regime’s political enemies. According to 19 state attorneys general, JPMorgan Chase has repeatedly de-banked Christian and conservative organizations. Furthermore, a House Weaponization Subcommittee report detailing FBI whistleblower testimony, disclosed how Bank of America colluded with the FBI to hand over confidential data of customers in the D.C. area on January 6th, highlighting individuals who had ever purchased a firearm using B of A products. Adding insult to injury, the weaponized IRS, which recently beefed up its workforce and arsenal to target Americans, received a green light from the Supreme Court to obtain bank records of individuals who aren’t even under investigation.

If you think all of this is bad, just imagine what our absolutely corrupt federal government could do with a central bank digital currency. Of course, the Fed is looking to CBDCs as the solution to the financial crisis they’ve created. Problem – Reaction – Solution, as the old Hegelian Dialectic goes.Read More

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