• June 24, 2024

A New Door to Freedom

 A New Door to Freedom

By John Klar

Creative new website offers wealth of detailed information.

I am excited to share a new website which is devoted to educating people about the truth of what is happening in the world, especially efforts toward global control or government: Door to Freedom focuses on efforts by global organizations to reduce protections for individual rights and sovereign nations in the name of rescuing them from health, climate, and other social crises.

Door to Freedom has been launched “to help people make sense of a rapidly changing world, and inform them of efforts by the W.H.O. to govern public health worldwide.” Created and orchestrated by Dr. Meryl Nass, the site employs a group of seasoned writers trained in varying disciplines to focus on specific policy areas. As you might expect, I have contributed in the area of food (and cows!).

In my contribution to Dr. Nass’s new endeavor, I focused on globalist efforts to dominate food production and processing, which is why there is a growing push to eradicate all cows. Though you may visit Door to Freedom for the full article, here is an excerpt:

“The WEF, UN and other international entities have targeted the amount of meat humans consume and claim that a major reduction in the number of livestock is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. ….The world’s largest food producers, processors, andRead More

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