• July 14, 2024

A short analysis of 2/19/2020 Democratic debate

The outcome of tonight’s democratic debate:
Not a single one of them cares about the people or the country.

As soon as the arguments started it all became abundantly clear – all they are trying to do is beat Trump.

Not improve our lives, not do something good for the American people. Their only goal is to beat Trump. They only care about removing Trump because they don’t like him, not because of his policies. This was the main topic of every single democratic nominee.

And there was this moment were admissions were made about how some of them fought to take control of the Senate and Congress. . This is what it is all about – control.

Not a single democratic nominee cares about the people or even attempted to present themselves as such.

Most important point of the debate – they are all desperate for control. Without total control of the government – socialism can’t exist.

Think about that for a second. And if you have any free will left, if you are not completely brainwashed by the MSM and our failing school system, if you have even a tiny bit care left for a fellow human being, and a fellow American, you will vote Republican come November.  For a simple fact the any other option will mean the destruction of the Republic and everything for which it stands.

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