• March 31, 2023

A worsening crisis of uncontrolled illegal immigration

 A worsening crisis of uncontrolled illegal immigration
You and I…indeed all Americans…are facing a worsening crisis of uncontrolled illegal immigration…and every bit of its many serious impacts…both long and short term.

President Biden reversed former President Trump’s efforts to secure our borders…from halting construction on the border wall to “pausing” deportations, to reviving the disastrous Obama era DACA (“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”) amnesty program called “pathways to citizenship.

Even Biden’s allies in Congress admit that this avalanche of illegal crossings at the southern border is overwhelming the resources of our immigration authorities.

Yet today, Judicial Watch is still the one organization that is committed to fighting the radical Biden open borders agenda…and we need your help!


As a result of Biden policies, America is experiencing a massive new wave of illegal aliens. In fact, last September, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency reported that during the course of that fiscal year just over 2.76 million “border encounters” had occurred…compared to just over 1.95 million the previous year. That’s a 41%increase in one year! What a shameful record.

It’s an unmitigated catastrophe, and it’s Joe Biden’s fault, pure and simple.

Here’s what else we know:

“Open borders” groups and their media allies did all they could to exploit the Covid pandemic to make it easier for ineligible voters like illegal aliens to vote in our elections by workingovertime to undermine state and federal election laws.

Now, you might think that the very idea of illegal aliens voting is ridiculous… but not to open borders radicals! They not only want to make it easier for non-citizens to vote in our elections through some kind of backdoor amnesty. They also want illegal aliens to keep coming and voting for their candidates!

And, quite frankly, they seem to be getting away with it!

That’s why your special contribution today is so important.


Your support will help us step up our legal efforts to counter Biden’s radical immigration agenda, enforce our laws against illegal immigration, defend voter ID laws and develop new strategies to challenge “sanctuary” policies in the courts of law and public opinion.

Most importantly, we’re fighting illegal immigration’s impact on honest elections because “dirty” or inaccurate voter rolls make it easier for illegal aliens and other ineligible voters to vote.

That’s why we’re (successfully) suing states in federal court to compel them to follow federal law
and clean their voter registration rolls.

We’ve entered into historic legal settlements with California, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio that led to cleaner, more accurate voter rolls and other important election integrity reforms. Just last week, because of our lawsuit, Los Angeles County removed over 1.2 million ineligible voters from its rolls!

In addition, last year we settled lawsuits against New York City and North Carolina after those jurisdictions had removed more than 800,000 ineligible names from their voter rolls, and we’re now pursuing voter roll-related litigation against Colorado, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

And while we press forward with our legal and investigative actions to keep non-citizens from illegally casting votes in our elections due to “dirty” voter registration rolls…we are also committed to helping states protect voter ID laws over the challenges by the radical Hispanic lobby, the organized Left, and the Biden Justice Department.

I urge you to help support this important work by making a tax-deductible contribution to Judicial Watch today.


Your generous support is essential, and will be enormously helpful as we challenge the Biden administration’s radical immigration policies and fight to enforce our laws against illegal immigration and stand firm for the rule of law.

There are forces in both political parties…with allies buried deep in the federal bureaucracy… who want to keep illegal aliens flooding into our nation. They are powerful and well-funded, and they have a fully committed and radical ally in the White House!

But Judicial Watch’s legal actions in pursuit of justice and accountability and our defense of the rule of law are relentless. Our investigations and legal work in the courts pay off and are delivering real results!

That’s why I’m hoping you will make a tax-deductible contribution today.

Thank you in advance for your generous support of our work!


Thomas Fitton

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