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Agenda 2030, Blueprint for One World Under Globalism

 Agenda 2030, Blueprint for One World Under Globalism

Suppose you are wondering about all the crazy things going on, like gender ideology, elimination of fossil fuels, government weaponization, out-of-control corporations, and politicians who don’t care what the people want. In that case, you can only understand it in the context of Agenda 2030.

I don’t want to say this is a conspiracy, it’s an agenda, and the participants all think alike. They have different motives, but they’re on the same page and it’s not good for anyone but the elite.

Agenda 2030 is trending on Twitter. People are beginning to realize it’s a real thing.

Agenda 2030 is an outgrowth of Agenda 2021 but is far more involved. The Agenda  pushes the goals of numerous global institutions, including the World Economic Forum, The World Bank, the UN, the EU, The WHO (World Health Organization), and many others. It’s also known as the UN Agenda, New World Order, The Great Reset, The Liberal World Order, The 4th Industrial Revolution, The Green New Deal, the New Financial World Order, and Stakeholder Capitalism – ESG.

The WEF slogan is Build Back Better which is also the slogan of Joe Biden and his staff.

The president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, has attained incredible propaganda and power through leaders he has trained. He says they are placed in the highest levels of many governments.

Globalism is what it sounds like. It’s an effort to have one world order. It’s collectivism. If you try to explain it to people, they will buy into the propaganda, claiming it’s a right-wing conspiracy. It sounds like it would have to be. What else could it be? Right?

Energy Under the Control of the Few

Think about what is happening. Our administration plans to abolish gasoline cars, non-electric trains, and establish an all-electric military. They only talk about electrification as an alleged means of controlling climate. Electric is not zero-emissions clean energy. It relies on fossil fuels. Nuclear is actually clean energy, which they won’t consider. Electrification gives all control of travel to the people in control of the switch. That would be the government. If they want to turn off your car, they can turn off your electricity. If you exceed your carbon allotments, they can turn off your stove.

People should be terrified of the incestuous relationship of government and corporations. They should be terrified as politicians destroy our rights.

Money Under the Control of the Elites

CBDCs are in the beginning stages but will be put into effect quickly. The Feds and the Big Banks are trying them out now. The Central Bank Digital Currencies open people up to government control. It’s money on their ledger only. No more dollar bills under your mattress. They will know if you buy guns, and they can cut you off. If they think you’re overeating beef or ice cream, they can take your carbon allowance away. It’s being talked about as we speak.

The globalists are killing the cows and closing the farms over a fake nitrogen crisis.

Redistribute Wealth, Destroy Sovereignty

Everything is about wealth redistribution, with helping minorities as the lure. That is what equity is – everyone has the same outcome no matter how much effort or commitment, or talent an individual has. It’s not about the individual. It’s collectivism.

They do want you to eat insects and like them. It’s not a conspiracy.

To make it work, they must destroy sovereignty, our history, traditions, and belief systems. Tearing down statues is part of that. Currently under development, the Pandemic Treaty gives away the sovereignty of 194 nations. They will tell you it doesn’t, but it does. When one man at The WHO can say it’s a pandemic and you must use your vaccine passport or you’ll be fined and shunned, it does.

Let’s not forget what open borders does to sovereignty and wealth.

What took place during the pandemic was not normal or healthy, and it was destructive and fruitless. The West followed the Maoist Chinese lockdowns and other restrictive mandates. They want a vaccine passport, and The WHO is currently including vaccine passports, lockdowns, and masking in the potential mandates they will recommend for the world during the next global health scare.

The WEF doesn’t want you to own anything.

Gender Crazy

Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, Gender Ideology, gender surgical mutilations, and puberty blockers, all have the same intent. They create chaos and have you disbelieving all that you thought you knew. It paves the way for collectivism as it gets control of the children.

The globalists want to eliminate gender in the future. Think about how that helps them control. You’ll come up with the answer.

Corporations Rule

Many corporations are more affluent than some nations. They have no soul. Only five companies own our legacy US media. All but one is globalist, and that one seems to be caving.


With AI, complete global control is possible. Imagine, for example, when AI is used, and fake videos can’t be detected from what is real. Whole speeches and stories and sources can be cleverly invented out of whole cloth.

It Has Happened Before

It has happened in our history. It’s not fantastical. This is just like East Germany where people needed passports to leave their neighborhood. This is collectivism and it destroys individual liberty.

It’s something that the Soviets could only dream of:



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