• February 22, 2024

Airplane Flies Banner Over Harvard University That Reads, ‘Harvard Hates Jews’ (VIDEO)

 Airplane Flies Banner Over Harvard University That Reads, ‘Harvard Hates Jews’ (VIDEO)

An airplane flew over Harvard University this week, towing a banner that read ‘Harvard Hates Jews.’

This was obviously done in reaction to all of the anti-Semitic activity that has been happening on campus there and also in response to the congressional hearings this week where the president of Harvard was unable to say that calling for the genocide of Jews violates university policy.

This is a major embarrassment for Harvard, but the school earned it.

FOX 25 News in Boston reports:

WATCH: Plane with ‘Harvard hates Jews’ banner seen flying over college campuses

The Anti-Defamation League launched an investigation Thursday after a plane, carrying the Palestinian flag and banner with a provocative message about Antisemitism, was seen flying over the Harvard campus.

A group claiming to represent Jewish students said they hired a plane carrying the message “Harvard hates Jews” to circle over Harvard and other Ivy League campuses over the next “several days.”

A video sent to Boston 25 shows the plane circling over the Cambridge campus on Thursday afternoon…

According to a statement sent to Boston 25, the student group says this in response to “the runaway antisemitism” on the university’s campus.

This comes amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, which sparked numerous protests and demonstrations that have been held on college campuses, including at Harvard.

Harvard is one of several colleges being investigated by the Department of Education over alleged incidents of antisemitism and Islamaphobia.

“After this week’s pathetic and morally bankrupt testimony by university presidents when answering my questions, the Education and Workforce Committee is launching an official Congressional investigation with the full force of subpoena power into Penn, MIT, & Harvard and others,” Rep. Stefanik said. “We will use our full Congressional authority to hold these schools accountable for their failure on the global stage.”

Here’s a local video report. Note how shocked all the Massachusetts liberals are by this:

The message is not anti-Semitic. It’s calling out the anti-Semitism at Harvard.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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