• March 28, 2023

America First Legal Weekly Newsletter – 07/23/22

 America First Legal Weekly Newsletter – 07/23/22


AFL – Top Headlines…

America First Legal Files Groundbreaking Class-Action Lawsuit Against Amazon for Illegal Racial Discrimination: “AFL has proven its commitment to stamping out illegal discrimination. To date, we have challenged woke ideology and illegal discrimination in corporate America, the federal government, and local public school systems…”

WOKE WAGON A Project to Catalog and Track Biden Administration Political Appointees Executing Woke, Radical Agenda“The Biden Administration is on a fast track to being both the most radical and the most destructive presidential administration in American history. Despite selling himself as a moderate and dealmaker, President Biden has filled the federal government with thousands of woke, liberal activists….”

America First Legal Demands Answers and Internal Documents From Loudoun County Public Schools“Loudoun County Public Schools has engaged in an all-out assault on parental rights over the past several years. It has forced parents to choose between two fundamental rights guaranteed by the Virginia Constitution – a free and quality public education and their right to direct the education, moral instruction…”

America First Legal Coalition of Attorneys General, Led by Oklahoma, Implement Key Plank of AFL Strategy to Stop Erosion of Sovereignty to the WHO: “AFL strongly supports the courageous action by this coalition of Attorneys General–which is acting to dismantle a portion of the regulatory structure that could be used by the Biden Administration to erode American sovereignty on an ongoing basis. This is a vital action, and yet another example of pushback by the States…”


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