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America The Clock is Ticking

 America The Clock is Ticking

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I liked this guy Special Counsel John Durham on the Trump-Russia probe. I know he ‘lost’ both cases however, I don’t see these cases as his goal, I see them as his fact-finding process utilized to further his goal. If I’m correct we have heard no leaks from the Durham investigations in the years it has been ongoing, that’s a very loyal group.

During these cases what he has accomplished is proving in court, through documents & testimony that the Justice Department & aspects of the Democrat party are corrupt, proven without them being on trial. So, what if the goal of Durham was to bring a case against the DOJ for criminal violations & acting in collusion with a political party to cover up such actions in furtherance of a political conspiracy to gain control of America by treasonous acts?

Well, if that is the intent, he has a mountain of evidence against the DOJ & the entire political structure of the federal govt. That would be the premiere case of legal litigation in America’s history never done at that level. He knows he has a Constitutional Supreme Court so if it’s ever time to file charges against the agencies of the federal govt & those who control it, that time may be soon coming when treasonous activity is proven.

Of course, that goal is my opinion but what if it becomes fact? All I know is the American people & the rest of the world need to be presented with facts so there will no longer be a debate as to what this govt has done & is doing to harm this Republic in violation of all it stands for. Now that I made ya feel good with that fantasy let’s get back to today.

If you don’t believe America is in trouble, check out This fact, yes, it’s a fact, the Secretary of State announced that the US & Mexico were engaged in communication that would make North America one country so to speak & the President of Mexico said he likes the idea, of course, this would include Canada as well. Think about that & wonder what your life will be like.

Strange how you don’t hear how the Democrat-controlled Harris County/Houston defunded police in the Republican state of Texas, which is now the murder capital of America, it’s true you do get what you vote for, remember that in November.

Epoch Times: ‘George Washington A Word to the Wise’ by Jim Pearl excellent expression ending with the question where are these ‘George Washington’s? I was compelled to respond:

“I believe there are a # of Washingtons out there in America, I also believe we already had a Washington a few years ago & Patriots are waiting to see if we get him back. Washington some would say a lil aggressive, but we live in aggressive times however, that quest to ‘Create A More Perfect Union,’ was always present & the work that Administration started isn’t finished. Yes, we have our George Washington, we must vote him back in to finish the job. As for the other Washingtons we have in America, they wait for the job to be finished & years down the road they step up to improve on America, let’s not use all our Washingtons up they are few & we need that Leadership in America for as long as possible, America deserves that.

On March 9th., Joe Biden signed an executive order for digital money or the death knell for cash. This executive order piggybacks off Senator Sherrod Brown’s [D-OH] new pro-digital dollar draft. Senate Bill 3571 – Banking for All Act. The ultimate result is to gain control of your finances.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), Reps. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.), Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), and 18 other GOP House members sent in the letter on Oct. 7 questioning Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Antony Blinken over the presence of a Chinese police station in New York City. “We are writing to express our grave concern over reports of the law enforcement presence of the People’s Republic of China in New York City,” In other words, communist laws are being enforced on American soil. I fully know what people mean when they say, “You can’t make this stuff up,” reality can be a scary thing.

A Homeland Security Press Release, April 23, 2003, applauded a “Border Partnership” agreement signed by Santiago Creel, Mexico’s Secretary of Governance, and Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State. This agreement was endorsed by President George W. Bush and President Vicente Fox when they met in Monterrey, Mexico on March 22, 2002, and was accompanied by a 22-point plan that outlined specific actions that would be taken to create a “smart” border for the 21st century, one that involves a joining of the countries in areas of energy, telecommunications, transportation, dams, public health, and agriculture. What we see today started many years ago, and there’s more if ya got time. http://www.paulmcguire.org/?p=947

From the September 15, 2022, edition of One America News Network’s Real America with Dan Ball

LARA LOGAN: “We have in place an administration filled with open border ideologues who are implementing a globalist policy, that no one was given the option in this country to vote on, that bypasses the legislature and is completely in violation of the constitution. And what they’re edging towards, and I know this from a source who was in meetings at the UN, and behind you know, closed doors, these are classified meetings and listened to these discussions of infiltrating 100 million people into the United States as the basis for forming a regional government instead of a national government. So, a government of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. This is the strategy that’s in place. And so things like the cartels were created as part of a push-pull strategy, where they would push people out of those countries because life would become unbearable, and pull them into the United States. It’s about the destruction of this country. And, uh, and it’s put in place step by step so that you don’t really know what is happening. And so what is happening is, what some people have done now, a group of private citizens has funded a threat assessment of the national security threat on the southern border. Because the government is failing to do its job. And the, the basic premise is that you cannot begin to solve a problem that hasn’t even been defined.”

And when we consider the biggest picture for all that is wrong in America one only has to watch why they hate Trump, above all else that should explain why America is going through what she is: Why they hate Trump

Are we really connecting the dots here, is this info making sense? Yes, I’m afraid it is, America is in deep shit to be blunt, there are so many more attacks on America. However, Americans are aware of their environment like all living things on this planet people are aware of threats to their life & they react to prevent it. Simple things like the cost of living, govt intrusion into family matters such as a child’s education, and the regression of basic Freedoms, are threats to people, as they should be.

Fortunately, our Founders were aware of the dangers to Freedom & provided safeguards to resolve it. God gave us speech, a right no one can hinder & the Founders gave us the Vote, the ‘Will’ of “The People.” Our voice to decide which government governs best & that has always been the power of America, people Rule.

Yes, I know these stories are getting longer but I just can’t control that. All I know is America is in some serious trouble & I just want to survive knowing I did all I could to prevent it. I’m just asking people to communicate, with everyone, & just ask them to take a moment from their lives & think about things going on in America & decide how they want to Vote, & then by doing it.

They speak of that Red wave, I don’t see a color, but I know what it means. I see Patriots rising to form a Patriot Wave, yes, it’s not about color, it’s about American People. That is the greatest threat to ‘others,’ that all people care about is which government governs best. They fear they may not be picked for that position.

The more this life progresses the more I feel America will be just fine, I just feel Patriots all around me, I see them, I hear them & I’ll join them in November to make our voice heard without censorship, Freedom is a wonderful thing.

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