• May 20, 2024

American Patriot Manifesto

 American Patriot Manifesto

To anyone who reads this, it comes from the heart and have been brought on by everything that is going on in our country. I am baffled, that I even have to write this, but I feel that if it is not written, we may lose this great country and let it descend in the darkness for generations to come. I am but one man, not a perfect man, but I am a man that loves this country and everything it is about.
The time has come when all patriots must unite and stand together to defend America from the darkness glooming over our heads. This darkness may be masked under different names, but under it all lays one evil principle. SOCIALISM
It is these evil principals of socialism that destroyed over 90 million people throughout the world in 20th century. It is these evil principals are being pushed on us by the monsters that want nothing but ultimate power over American People and would love nothing more than to see America on its knees. It is these evil people that pervert the very definitions of our freedoms and liberties to assert ultimate power over American People. They mask their true intent using words like “tolerance”, “equality”, “social justice” and many more. While using these slogans they are blatantly attacking our freedoms, our liberties and do everything in their power to silence US, patriotic Americans who value and appreciate this great country, the principles and ideas it has been built on. These evil individuals and enterprises will stop at nothing to gain ultimate power over American People and will silence or destroy anyone who stands in their way.
It has been done to people of many other countries numerous times and as a result millions of people were destroyed in the process. Millions of innocent men, women and children for one reason only, they dared to disagree with the ideology of evil.
It is our duty as Patriotic Americans, it is our debt to our founding fathers, to soldiers who perished protecting our country, to everyone who went through loss and suffering ensuring our way of life remains protected and flourishes, it is our duty to our children not to allow this evil descend on our land.
I as an American Patriot, will stand against the evil of socialism and all its forms.
I as an American Patriot, will stand against anyone who attempts to rob Americans from its freedoms and its liberties
I as an American Patriot, will stand against anyone who will try to undermine the Constitution of our Country.
As an American Patriot, I will die if I must, ensuring that my daughter doesn’t have to grow up in a socialist nightmare.

We must stand together, side by side, to prevent the horrors of Socialism and any forms of it no matter what they are masked as.
We must stand together, side by side, to ensure our children don’t have to grow up standing in bread lines.
It is our ultimate duty as parents to educate our children to enable them to see the whole truth and not just bits and pieces that are fed to them in schools to indoctrinate them.
Regardless of our color, creed, cultural background, upbringing or religious views, it is our duty as Patriotic Americans to fight to the last breath for the constitution, freedoms and liberties this country granted us.
For if we give in, our beautiful country will be no more, and all future generations will be condemned to life of misery and darkness.


by Bovious

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