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Americans Don’t Trust Big Pharma and Most Won’t Take a COVID Vaccine When There Is One

 Americans Don’t Trust Big Pharma and Most Won’t Take a COVID Vaccine When There Is One

President Trump told by the experts to push for a vaccine as the solution for the China coronavirus as soon as possible. 
But his team isn’t telling him that Americans don’t trust Big Pharma, a majority won’t take a vaccine for COVID-19, the China coronavirus.
We reported earlier that Big Pharma was colluding to prevent the timely production of a COVID-19 vaccine. At the same time Americans are becoming increasingly skeptical of Big Pharmaceutical companies.

Over the past half year Americans have learned much about Big Pharma and its controversial actions related to vaccines and have watched the inept, if not totally corrupt, actions of the elites in the medical community as they destroyed the US economy and many Americans’ life savings with their bogus predictions, ridiculous models and ever-changing recommendations.

Tucker Carlson had Bobby Kennedy Jr. on his show in 2017 to discuss his concerns with vaccines.

Now most Americans are unwilling to take a coronavirus vaccine according to bgr.com:

All this back-and-forth over vaccine development seems to have impacted the public’s opinion. Scientists warned that public trust in this sort of therapy is critical for the success of vaccination campaigns. Previous polls showed that one-third of Americans said they wouldn’t get the vaccine when it’s available. The new data from the USA Today/Suffolk poll shows a worrying trend.

Two-thirds of the 1,000 voters surveyed last weekend say they won’t try to get the vaccine when it becomes available. A quarter of respondents said they’ll never get it. The difference between those figures, or 44% of the voters surveyed, will not take the vaccine until others have tried it.

One Trump supporter tweeted this out yesterday:

Nice. But I would say about 90% of your base do not want a COVID vaccine and wouldn’t take any.

I would stop pushing the vaccine.

We want you to win.

— DeAnna Lorraine

(@DeAnna4Congress) September 6, 2020

Luckily, as reported earlier, the coronavirus may be finally fizzling out.

Deaths reported by the CDC show this:

In addition it’s now

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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