• May 27, 2024

Anecdote about Socialism

 Anecdote about Socialism

This is one of my all time favorites. It perfectly depicts the basic principle of Socialism.


A young fellow is walking home from a party. He is in incredibly good mood. He had a couple of drinks, he feels great. He has a brand new bright white suit on and he’s skipping home from a party. In short – amazing mood. All of a sudden he notices a weird machine on the corner of the street. It looks like ATM machine but there is something weird about it.

As he passes the machine, of course being very curious, he notices a message on the touch screen. ” For a quarter will ruin your mood”

That completely stopped him in his tracks. He thought to himself: “I am in such an amazing mood, there is nothing that can ruin it. Especially for a quarter.” He, as any human would, drops a quarter int he machine. After a couple of mechanical and electronic noises, a huge hose comes out of the machine and covers the guy in tar.

The guy, of course, is devastated. Brand new white suit is ruined, he’s covered in tar, people are pointing at him. His great mood is completely ruined. COMPLETELY.

As he was about to walk away from the machine, a new message popped up: “For a quarter will put you in a great mood”.  Naturally it made him think that there is nothing in this world can put him in a better mood after what just happen. But, being a human again, he throws a quarter in the machine.

Same mechanical and electronic noises. Same hose comes out and covers everyone around him in tar.


Moral of this story, you ask? Equality, that Socialism promises, is achieved by bringing everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

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