• February 25, 2024

Another Way to Cheat!

 Another Way to Cheat!

We have all seen the cheating in elections.

Now they want to put it on “Red Bull” by instituting vote by mail.

Many voting experts have voiced concerns that ballots will be stolen from mailboxes while others will be harvested. We will have no idea who is truly voting. And of course, the extreme liberals will want to mail the ballots to illegal immigrants just as they wanted them to participate in the census.

This November the Broward Supervisor of Elections (SOE), plans to send 1 million vote-by-mail sign up forms to voters who have yet to request a vote-by-mail ballot. Also note, the individuals that were found filling out ballots illegally at the SOE are presently still working there and knows the system very well.
The fraud will be rampant.
This is one of the many reasons why I am running for Congress.  We need a new Congresswoman who will protect the integrity of elections.  We need a new Congresswoman who will put people over politics.
Are you with me? 
It is clear we cannot trust Debbie Wasserman Schultz who resigned in disgrace from her position as the DNC Chair for rigging the system for Hillary in the Democratic Presidential Primary.
If you want to protect our democracy, please join me in this race.
As your next Congresswoman, I will work around the clock to end the political gamesmanship consuming Congress and get you the results you deserve.
We need to band together to make this change better for the country, the State of Florida and Broward County.
I stand with you.
Please volunteer for my Campaign at CarlaSpaldingForCongress.com
● Mail: 1856 N Nob Hill Road #296
Plantation, Florida 33322
● Telephone: 1-754-777-8318
● https://carlaspaldingforcongress.com

Michael Coker

Director of Research
Carla Spalding For Congress Campaign 2020
Mail: 1856 N Nob Hill Road #296
Plantation, Florida 33322
Telephone: 1-954-687-2095
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