• May 19, 2024

Antifa Coward Allegedly Stabs Multiple Trump Supporters…Proud Boys Beat The Hell Out Of Him…DC Cops Stand By And Watch [VIDEO]

Another massive crowd showed up in D.C. today to show their support for President Trump and demand that Democrats be prevented from stealing the November election from Trump.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – The crowd size was estimated at around 10,000.

In the video below, they can be seen chanting, “USA! USA!” and “Stop the steal!”

Just before noon at the Freedom Plaza in DC for the “March for Trump.” Crowd is chanting “USA!” and “Stop The Steal” ahead of things officially kicking off. Members of the far-right group Proud Boys can be seen throughout the crowd. Covering today on @MSNBCpic.twitter.com/9tStG3D4jK

— Amanda Golden (@amandawgolden) December 12, 2020

As the crowd began to break up and head back to their vehicles and to local hotels, mobs of Antifa and BLM cowards began to attack smaller crowds of Trump supporters.

The video below shows a Christian-Trump supporting couple who were sucker-punched from behind.

DC: Christian Trump Supporting Couple physically assaulted and maced by Antifa/BLM militants #tatumreport#drewhernandezpic.twitter.com/m4CSy2dZOc

— Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) December 12, 2020

Proud Boys were on the scene, warning Antifa/BLM thugs to leave the Trump supporters alone or they would fight back on their behalf. In this video, a large group of Proud Boys can be seen walking with Trump supporters after the rally.

The Proud Boys are on the move once again #DC#MarchForTrump#ProudBoyspic.twitter.com/8LjcQwnOol

— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) December 13, 2020

In this video, Independent journalist Drew Hernandez shows how a group of dirty Antifa cowards are shining a high-powered laser in the face of a man to blind him. When he attempts to videotape them, they knock his Ipad out of his hand. You can hear one of the Antifa cowards demanding he put his mask back on if he wants to get his Ipad back.

DC: Earlier Antifa/BLM militants attempt to blind a man with a high powered laser and then slap his iPad out of his hand for recording

They then intimidate him by saying he can have it back if he puts a mask on #tatumreport#drewhernandezpic.twitter.com/kzijux8TyR

— Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) December 13, 2020

An Antifa coward smashes a Trump supporter over the head with a megaphone. It was all captured by Hernandez on video.

DC: Brawl breaks out between Antifa/BLM and Trump Supporters in front of The Capitol Hilton Hotel

An Antifa militant can be seen smashing a megaphone over the head of a Trump Supporter #tatumreport#drewhernandezpic.twitter.com/dBAJ1VX3RX

— Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) December 12, 2020

Ian Miles Cheong tweeted a video showing DC Police watching “as the Proud Boys beat the hell out of an Antifa militant who was stabbing Trump supporters.”

Cops just watching as Proud Boys beat the hell out of an Antifa militant who was stabbing Trump supporters.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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