• June 25, 2024

Are you with us?

 Are you with us?


Bikers for Trump

We have just under 12 hours left until our End-of-Quarter FEC fundraising deadline, and we’re just $2,500 short of our $40,000 fundraising target!

Antifa and violent leftist radicals across the Country are raising millions and organizing to suppress the vote for President Trump. That’s why we can’t miss TONIGHTS’S FUNDRAISING DEADLINE!

If we’re able to hit our $40,000 Fundraising target, we’ll send a message to every Antifa radical that Bikers for Trump will be on the ground in every state ready to Get the Vote out for President Trump.

Help us keep our Bikers’ gas tanks full and ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice by chipping in $20, $35 or even more BEFORE TONIGHT’S FUNDRAISING DEADLINE.

Antifa and the entire radical left is watching. We put them on notice in Tulsa that we won’t tolerate their violent tactics.

If we hit our target we’ll have the resources we need to:

  • Get our Bikers to Pres. Trump MAGA Rallies to stop the mobs from harassing the President’s supporters.
  • Mobilize over 500 Bikers for the Republican National Convention
  • Bikers on the ground in key battleground states to support the President’s re-election.

Will you stand with Bikers for Trump by making a critical End-of-Quarter contribution before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT?

We have just under 12 hours to hit our fundraising target, can we count on you?

Dale Herndon
Dale Herndon
Bikers for Trump


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