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Article on the Pro Act Bill

 Article on the Pro Act Bill

Darlene Swaffar Congressional Candidate (R) District 22 in South FL

By Darlene Swaffar, Republican Candidate for Congress for FL 22

“The Pro Act Bill passed the House in February with a mostly pro partisan vote of 224 Dem / 194 Rep.  This bill currently sits in the Senate dead on arrival.  The bill rewrites labor laws and strengthens unions.  It will also weaken right to work laws in 27 states which includes our State of Florida.  Florida allows employees to forgo participating in unions and paying union dues.  The Pro Act Bill would make it mandatory for employees to participate and pay dues with companies who have unions.   Historically unions contribute mostly to democratic campaigns.  Darlene Swaffar, Republican Candidate for Congress for FL 22 is against this Bill.  While we have been distracted with Impeachment, Covid, and anarchy, our 116th House of Representatives once again is forgetting who they serve and continuing to pass unmeaningful legislation.

Please see an excellent article from John Lopez on this issue:  http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2020/06/29/joe-biden-goes-hard-left-on-labor-and-jobs/


Darlene Swaffar received permission from John Lopez to mention his article in my summary above.  Darlene is a complete outsider and people’s Candidate. She is a staunch Constitutionalist and her only goal is to serve We The People in FL District 22.  Please support her Campaign for Congress.  If you live in FL District 22, please vote for her on August 18th.

Donor Page:   https://secure.winred.com/darleneswaffar/donate

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