House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy predicts GOP takeover

by David M. Drucker   SEA ISLAND, Georgia — House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted President Trump will win reelection in 2020 and that his victory will sweep House Republicans into the majority in the House. McCarthy said 13 “ruby red” districts that voted Democrat in the midterm elections but supported Trump in 2016 would form […]Read More

Detmer Healthcare Plan

Lower Costs, More Personal Choices, Better Access The main goal of this plan is to mitigate the damages of Obamacare and chart a new course for health care reform—one that is patient-centered and market-based. By replacing the Obamacare spending with a block grant to the states and restoring state authority over some critical regulatory matters, […]Read More

Why is John Cummings Running against AOC?

Who is John Cummings? Life is a journey, when you get on the road you figure you would meet people along the way. I met my wife when she was 3 and it took 36 years for us to get our first date, we are now married for almost 20 years. You meet many people […]Read More

The $15 Minimum Wage

To truly understand the negative impact of the $15 minimum wage, I will show how a 107% increase in the minimum wage will result in a negative outcome for businesses, their employees and the economy as a whole. I will use an imaginary fast food restaurant called Balil’s Burger Joint for the example. Let’s say […]Read More

Conservatives What does it mean to be called a Conservative

Conservatism:  Definition “commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation. The holding of political views that favor Free enterprise, Private ownership, and socially conservative ideas. 1 (Oxford dictionary)   Well my friends, that certainly is something to consider.  What that simplistic definition says cannot define those of us who call ourselves Conservatives. […]Read More

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