• April 19, 2024

Banana Republic

 Banana Republic

To Jill and I, It feels like an unravelling

The indictment of President Trump is making headlines across the world – everyone has a strong opinion, from the state sponsored media lambasting Trump and any MAGA protesters to the hysterics of the Twitteri calling out the hypocrisy of the far-left prosecution.

Frankly, for me – it just feels wrong on so many levels. Not having to do with guilt or innocence of the individual, but what this prosecution says about our government.

It has been years since Trump was first investigated on these charges. Prosecutors have looked at the case over the years and have decided that either there wasn’t enough to move forward on or that the break in public trust wasn’t worth the crimes committed. In either case, the US government has never indicted a sitting or ex president.

Then there are the charges – The indictment lists a total of 34 felony counts, with a maximum of 134 years in prison. This seems rather extreme…

As primary season is just getting started, it all feels like this is all about the 2024 election cycle.


In life, we all have choices to make. Sometimes we make the wrong choice. Right now, our government is making a very wrong choice.

Because it seems like everything in our government is about winning the next election. Not about right and wrong. Let alone about good governance.

Which brings me to a related point. That is the use or overuse of specific words to label anything not left, as “conservative” or “far-right”.

Wiki even manages to get both the Confederate flag and the Nazi flag of Germany into their definition of “far-right.” That is pure fuckery.

From Citizen Free Press:

“Who benefits most from this circus”?” You’re looking at them”

Twitter avatar for @CitizenFreePres

Citizen Free Press @CitizenFreePres
Who benefits most from this circus? You’re looking at them.

(For those that can’t view the video – the answer is the media)

Babylon Bee has another take on this:

“Democrats Throw Biggest-Ever Fundraiser For Trump Campaign”

NEW YORK, NY — Donald Trump’s campaign fundraising is breaking records thanks to a lavish fundraiser hosted by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and the Democrat Party.

Sources say that as Trump arrived at a New York courthouse for the fundraiser this morning, his campaign raised millions from energized citizens eager to support the only presidential candidate indicted by a Soros-funded DA.

“At this point, if someone hasn’t been indicted by a corrupt Soros DA, can you even trust that person?” said local Trump voter Bubba Gruggs, while clicking the “donate” button on the latest email from the Trump campaign.

Experts say that the Trump indictment will firm up his base of supporters who believe the country is run by corrupt, out-of-touch bureaucrats who also happen to be Satanic pedophiles and alienate him with kooky conspiracy theorists who think that America’s leaders can be trusted.

At publishing time, it had been revealed that half the donations to the Trump campaign came from Democrat activists who are desperately hoping he runs again.

Each day, I read all the comments – they always influence how I think, feel.. Those comments even influence my thinking processes to the point where, I may think I am being logical and then someone turns my ideas on their head. I think that this says much more about the Democratic party than it says about Trump. It feels to me like the corruption of the Democratic party is now complete.

So, now that we have heard the pundits. I turn to you. Let’s have a civil conversation please. What does this all mean, if anything, for our country?

Please discuss.

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