• May 20, 2024

Because this is what we do!

 Because this is what we do!

Erika Cashin-Veteran -Republican Candidate for Congress

Dear Friend,

The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic has seen untold random acts of kindness, both in Minnesota and across the world as people do all they can to help others.

Among our Republican family, thousands have also stepped forward to help in countless ways. One such effort has been undertaken by Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson, who just announced the launch of “NorthStar Neighbor” (www.northstarneighbor.com), which is described as follows:

Northstar Neighbor exists to spread a message of hope and compassion by serving our neighbors who are at higher risk of COVID-19 complications. We make one-on-one connections between a healthy volunteer who has low COVID-19 risk factors with a senior or other high-risk person in the same community for remote companionship, conversation and help with delivery of groceries or prescriptions.

My family has lent our names to this effort, and look forward to helping fulfill the mission of Northstar Neighbor. Whether you can help or may need help, I hope you will sign up.

In the words of President Trump “We’re at war with a deadly virus. Success in this fight will require the full, absolute measure of our collective strength, love, and devotion.” With resilience we will get through this!

Thank you to Jeff and all volunteers who are working together to put an end to the scourge of COVID-19.

Because as Minnesotans, this is what we do.

In service to you, our state and nation,

Erika Cashin
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s Second Congressional District
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