• June 18, 2024

Biden Accuses Netanyahu of Prolonging Gaza War for ‘Political Advantage’

 Biden Accuses Netanyahu of Prolonging Gaza War for ‘Political Advantage’


Joe Biden has been trying to hornswoggle Israel into agreeing to a “plan” for a ceasefire in Gaza by calling it “Israel’s plan.” But it is not. It is Biden’s plan, and by its terms would allow Hamas to drag out negotiations with Israel so as to extend a “ceasefire” indefinitely. Meanwhile, Hamas could regroup, while the IDF would be helpless to intervene, having committed itself to observing that deceptive “ceasefire” as long as “negotiations continue.” Now Biden has the gall to charge Netanyahu with deliberately wanting to prolong the war for “political advantage” —that is, so he can stay in power as a “war president.”

But Netanyahu has no desire to prolong the Gaza war. He’s eager to send those hundreds of thousands of reservists home, whose absence from their jobs has caused so much harm to the country’s economy. He’s eager to have 40,000 displaced Israelis return to their homes in southern Israel, on the Gazan border. He is keenly aware of the growing threat from Hezbollah on the northern border, and the need to finish off Hamas in Gaza so that the IDF can turn its full attention to the threat from Hezbollah, which has been ramping up its daily barrage of rocket and missile attacks on the Galilee. And even more Israelis than in the sout — 60,000 of them — have had to leave their homes in the north to flee from those incessant attacks by Hezbollah.

It is Biden himself who wants to force Israel to accept a bad deal with Hamas for the “political advantage” that he, Joe Biden, would reap. Biden wants to run this November as the man who brought “peace to Israel and Gaza” and “began the work on the ‘two-state solution’” that he, Joe Biden, will bring to a successful conclusion if only he is given four more years to work his wonders in the Middle East. “Biden Suggests Netanyahu Prolonging Israel-Hamas War for ‘Political Self-Preservation,’” by Corey Walker, Algemeiner, June 4, 2024:

US President Joe Biden has suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees a political advantage in dragging out the duration of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, potentially escalating tensions between allies Washington and Jerusalem….

Biden then hinted that he agreed with speculation that Netanyahu is extending the Israel-Hamas war “for his own political self-preservation” and to avoid facing accountability from the Israeli public….

It’s not Netanyahu, but Biden, who wants to exploit the Israel-Hamas War, and his “deal” to end it, for his own “political self-preservation.”

The president revealed that his “major disagreement” with the Israeli prime minister is “what happens” after Israel wraps up the war effort in Gaza. Any effort by the Israeli military to occupy the Gaza Strip at the conclusion of the war would be met with pushback by neighboring Arab countries, Biden said….

Instead of occupying the Gaza strip, Biden argued that Israel needs to take steps to establish a Palestinian state.

The Israelis have no intention of occupying the Gaza strip. It’s a false worry. Netanyahu has made that perfectly clear. He wants the rich Arab states of the Gulf to take responsibility for the reconstruction of Gaza, and to put in place Arab technocrats from all over the Arab world to run the government in the Strip. Gaza will not be linked administratively to the Palestinians in the West Bank. And Gaza will be demilitarized. But none of that requires the IDF to “occupy Gaza..” The IDF is as opposed to that possibility as Netanyahu.

“There needs to be a two-state solution, a transition to a two-state solution. And that’s my biggest disagreement with Bibi Netanyahu,” Biden said.

But what if a “two-state solution” is no solution at all? What if giving the Palestinians a state will only make it easier for them to continue their war against Israel, through terrorism, in the hope of making it disappear, to be replaced by a 23rd Arab state? What if squeezing Israel back within the 1949 armistice lines, with a nine-mile waist from Qalqilya to the sea, will only whet, not sate, Arab appetites to make a final assault on the Jewish state? Calling something a “solution” does not make it so. Biden does not see the folly of rewarding Hamas, after all that its rapists and murderers did on October 7, with a Palestinian state.

Neighboring Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan could help with the management and transition of Gaza at the conclusion of the Israel-Hamas war, Biden said. These countries, he explained, could provide security and assist in the rebuilding of the war-torn enclave in exchange for movement toward a two-state solution.

Such an outcome for Gaza — as long as it does not become a full-fledged “state” with its own foreign policy and military — would be acceptable to Netanyahu.

I think there is a clear path for a transition where the Arab states would provide security and reconstruction in Gaza in return for a longer-term commitment to a transition to a two-state solution,” the president continued. “And that extends all the way from Saudi Arabia, who I continue to talk to — my team — to the Jordanians that are trying to work bringing in goods and certain goods now, food, medicine, etc. And the Egyptians who I’ve been talking with frequently about what happens in terms of access for more material to get into Gaza to prevent this catastrophe from continuing.”…

Biden’s monologue flows on in stream-of-consciousness fashion, alluding to what “my team” is doing, and how the President himself has been talking to the Saudis, the Jordanians, the Egyptians, the Emiratis. All meant to be very impressive. Some doubters — say, you and I —might call it, rather, a display of hectic vacancy.

Biden has yet to reveal how he plans to help dismantle Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that launched the war in Gaza by slaughtering over 1,200 people in southern Israel and kidnapping over 250 others on Oct. 7.

Biden doesn’t have any idea how to help dismantle Hamas. But Israel does. In fact, all of his effort has gone into trying to prevent the IDF from doing just that in the last month. He doesn’t care if four Hamas battalions in Rafah remain intact, doesn’t care about the thousands of Hamas fighters now regrouping in the north. He wants the Gaza War brought to a close, even if Hamas is left still standing and thus able to claim a sort of “victory” over the IDF. He wants that Gaza peace deal in time to help him win a second term in November, whatever the benefit to Hamas and cost to Israel.

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