• June 18, 2024

Biden Deal: ‘Nearly Identical to Hamas’s Own Proposals’

 Biden Deal: ‘Nearly Identical to Hamas’s Own Proposals’

Biden’s Friday afternoon speech laid out a proposal giving Hamas everything it wanted. That’s not surprising because rather than being the Israeli proposal, it was actually the Hamas proposal.


  1. somehistory says

    It was turned down by a “no”….but mozlums don’t understand a plain no.

    Push, push, whine, whine, threaten, threaten, lie and lie.

    A new report says that the Israeli military has found four more hostages’ dead bodies.

    And again, why should Israel have to release imprisoned terrorists in order to get back the hostages held by hamas?
    Perhaps since so many of the hostages have been found dead, a few dead terrorists could be handed over in any *exchange.*

    “There is no peace, my God has said, for the wicked, ( Is. 57 ;21 ).”
    and hamas is definitely wicked, as are all who support them.
    the ghoul of iran is praising Oct 7 massacre. and he’s ‘predicting the destruction’ of Israel.


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