• May 24, 2024

Biden disinformation tracker: Cannibals, uncles, and abortions

 Biden disinformation tracker: Cannibals, uncles, and abortions


Another week, another day, another tall tale orchestrated by the guy who campaigned on the importance of presidents telling the truth. But maybe President Joe Biden’s idea of the truth didn’t include false stories of cannibalism and his uncle’s World War II service.

Biden has spread so much information since Jan. 20, 2021, it’s a wonder how anyone believes anything that he says at this point. He’s told so many fibs and tall tales that he’s less reliable than an iceberg watcher on the Titanic.

That’s not a joke, folks, as Biden regularly says (after his latest bombastic falsehood).

This week was no different. I would say that Biden has truly outdone himself with his most recent fibs, yet every time I think that, Biden keeps making more outlandish statements. Nevertheless, I can’t actually envision that I would ever use “cannibals” and “Joe Biden” in the same sentence. Yet, here we are.

During a campaign stop in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden told a story of his uncle, Ambrose Finnegan, who served in World War II. Finnegan was an aviator in the U.S. Army Air Forces. Military records show that he was in a plane that was shot down over New Guinea.


That story, in and of itself, is worthy of recognition of Finnegan’s heroism. Yet, in typical Biden fashion, he had to lie to make it sound more dramatic. Even though Biden has a reputation for pathological deceit, it would be hard to imagine that anyone at this point thought Biden would introduce cannibalism into his portfolio of falsehoods.

“He flew single-engine planes, reconnaissance flights over New Guinea. He had volunteered because someone couldn’t make it. He got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals in New Guinea at the time,” Biden said. “They never recovered his body, but the government went back when I went down there, and they checked and found some parts of the plane.”

But as the saying goes, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.” It’s a statement that should act as Biden’s campaign slogan.

The U.S. government does not corroborate Biden’s statement of what happened to his uncle. According to the Associated Press, the country’s record of missing service members “does not attribute Finnegan’s death to hostile action or indicate cannibals were any factor.”

Military records cite Biden’s uncle being a passenger on a plane “on a courier flight” that crashed off the coast of New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean for “unknown reasons.”

“Both engines failed at low altitude, and the aircraft’s nose hit the water hard,” read the official records for Second Lieutenant Ambrose J. Finnegan. “Three men failed to emerge from the sinking wreck and were lost in the crash. One crew member survived and was rescued by a passing barge. An aerial search the next day found no trace of the missing aircraft or the lost crew members.”

Biden’s misinformation comes less than a week after a political ad from his reelection campaign falsely claimed that former President Donald Trump was going to implement a national abortion ban. Yet, Trump said the exact opposite when asked about such a ban earlier this month.


These lies come days after Biden claimed strong ties to the Greek community from his childhood. Biden, who previously claimed similar “very close” ties with Italian, Polish, Puerto Rican, black, and Jewish communities, touted his strong relationship with the Greek church earlier this month.

It’s just a stream of regular misinformation with President Joe Biden. Yet, liberals, Democrats, left-wingers, and their accomplices in the media regularly turn a blind eye to Biden’s lies. They all act as propaganda agents and weaponize public relations to shield him from any accountability for his inability to be honest with the public.

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