• February 21, 2024

Biden Says That Prices Are Still Too High so Companies Should Just Lower Them

 Biden Says That Prices Are Still Too High so Companies Should Just Lower Them

Joe Biden has apparently noticed that the price of everything is much higher on his watch than a few years ago. He is now asking sellers to just lower their prices.

As a viral commercial once said. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Companies don’t lower prices just because inflation is politically inconvenient for the president and his party.

Biden says prices ‘too high,’ asks sellers to lower them after 18% inflation https://t.co/XYThX6mYbVpic.twitter.com/THADR6SAsC

— New York Post (@nypost) November 27, 2023

From the New York Post:

Biden admits prices ‘too high’ but blames sellers for 18% inflation

President Biden acknowledged Monday that prices are still “too high” and argued that companies should lower them after an 18% jump in consumer costs since he took office.

“We know that prices are still too high for too many things — that times are still too tough for too many families,” the 81-year-old said near the White House.

“We’ve made progress, but we have more work to do,” Biden added. “Let me be clear to any corporation has not brought their prices back down, even as inflation has come down, even supply chains have been rebuilt: It’s time to stop the price gouging and give the American consumer a break.”

The prices of some goods, such as food products, are expected to decline in the coming months, but periods of general deflation are rare in US history.

Biden previously used his bully pulpit to try to pressure oil companies to take action to lower gas prices last year.

Is it too late for Biden to take a basic economics course?

Joe thinks businesses should just
willingly take losses on sales to offset the impact of inflation he helped create?

This, after he just spent his Thanksgiving holiday at his billionaire donor’s coastal mansion? Must be nice!

— Kelkat (@Tweetytweeter63) November 27, 2023

Just last week, he was bragging about lowering prices.

Folks, no matter where you’re headed this holiday season, you’ll be heading there for less.

Gas prices are down $1.70 from their peak, airfares are down 13%, and car rental prices are down about 10%.

And we’re not done taking action to get those prices down even more.

— President Biden (@POTUS) November 22, 2023

Nothing about this administration makes sense.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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