• June 18, 2024

Biden Tells UK To Be Nice to Iran Before Election

 Biden Tells UK To Be Nice to Iran Before Election


“The U.S. has pressed a number of other countries to abstain in a censure vote”

Incredible. Just incredible.

Traditionally the Europeans have been more willing to give Iran’s nuke program a pass than America. Now the Biden administration has gone so far into a black hole of appeasement that it’s telling the Euros to back off its buddies in Tehran.

The U.S. is arguing against an effort by Britain and France to censure Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s member state board in early June, the diplomats said. The U.S. has pressed a number of other countries to abstain in a censure vote, saying that is what Washington will do, they said.

European diplomats have warned that failure to take action would undermine the authority of the IAEA, which polices nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. They say it also weakens the credibility of Western pressure on Iran. And they are frustrated over what they see as U.S. efforts to undermine their approach.

Iran has attacked and killed American soldiers. Its terror proxies are battling the US Navy near Yemen. (Never mind Hamas and Israel for a moment which is holding American hostages.) And Biden is telling other countries not to be so tough on Iran.

What’s the high-minded excuse for it this time?

The Biden administration is pressing European allies to back off plans to rebuke Iran for advances in its nuclear program as it seeks to keep tensions with Tehran from escalating before the autumn’s U.S. presidential election, according to diplomats involved in discussions.

Alright then. It’s just another impeachable offense rather than full-scale treason.


  1. FYI says

    In other news it seems the US has given permission for Ukraine to use US made missiles against Russia.
    The Globalist elite seem really desperate to start WW3
    But it could be worse.Joe Biden could have dementia and be the C-in-C

    • ࿗Infidel࿘ says

      I agree. Biden’s calculation is that since no wartime president has ever lost an election, he’s doing his best to become a wartime president so that he may win

      I think that superstition would get debunked if he were to try it

    • Westman says

      Yes, FYI, it’s in motion.

      The last strategy of a failing regime to stay in power is creating a war in which it can warn the citizens that a change of government will lead to a loss of that war.

      Now the US “government” (Biden handlers) and its vassal NY has gone full Bananna Republic with the lawfare persecution of its competitor, it will consider a hot war as the backup plan if there is a backfire that threatens its re-election.

  2. Wellington says

    Biden is a travesty but also a travesty is anyone who would vote for this man come this November.

    Sadly, immensely so, there are tens of millions of such travesties in America today.

    • 40 rounds says

      By the way, and I would encourage all patriots to do the same, I am flying my US flag upside down until Biden is gone and I get my country back.

      • maria says

        Yes Biden and Harris must be indicted and jailed. Biden can be in an asylum for lunatics, Harris jailed
        President Trump is the real President who can save America

  3. StacyGirl says

    If the democrats retain the WH in November we are done. They are a lawless cabal of criminals with no opposition. There is nothing too craven, too immoral, or too unjust for them. And Barack Hussein Obama will get his 4 th term.

  4. somehistory says

    But he says when he was a ‘kid’ back in 1969, (he’s 81), he went to a Black college in DE and began his civil rights activism. (he must have been a kid at 26)
    For that, doesn’t he deserve another stint in the Oval, giving iran, their warring proxies, and rabid mozlums everywhere, what they want?
    After all, robert di nero wants him there. I mean de niro. (same difference, no?) Nero would probably give biden a run for his money.

    Are these other nations going to follow the evil and demented lead of someone whose only focus is himself? Are not the other nations in danger if iran gets full-on nuclear powers?
    Why should any of them want biden to remain in the WH? Why does anyone want him there?

  5. somehistory says

    According to some sources, Mr. Trump was found guilty in NY on all charges.
    The jury was wrong, of course, just as the ‘college’ was four years ago.

  6. Tony Rice says

    The reason for his “advice/ request ” is quite simple in that the power behind the American throne is OBAMA, past and present. THE Agreement re the nuclear ” inhibition ” which was the exact opposite, was Obama’s which he did not get passed by the Senate or did not even got Iran to sign it. It is not the ghost of Obama that stalks the White House.

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