• July 14, 2024

Bidenomics Is Collapsing the Middle-Class – Salary Increases Are for Low-Skill Jobs

 Bidenomics Is Collapsing the Middle-Class – Salary Increases Are for Low-Skill Jobs

Joe Biden is running on Bidenomics. It’s his success story. However, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned on Friday that inflation is still too high, and although it’s improved, it is still problematic. Gas prices are rising, which causes everything else to rise.

Speaking to a gathering of economists and central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Powell said it’s encouraging that inflation has cooled — from 9.1% last summer to 3.2% last month.

The Feds said it could be temporary, and inflation must reach the 2% target.

The process still has a long way to go,” Powell said. “We are prepared to raise [interest] rates further if appropriate and intend to hold policy at a restrictive level until we are confident that inflation is moving sustainably down toward our objective.”

The central bank has already raised its benchmark interest rate from near zero in early 2022 to just over 5.25% today — in the most aggressive series of rate hikes since the early 1980s.

Inflation is a tax on the middle class and the poor, but the poor get help.

It’s killing housing, car sales, and even food. It’s killing the middle class, and the Left isn’t done yet. They’re preparing COVID mandates to control you again.

As Steve Bannon says in the clip below, the Left is preparing to go back to masks and lockdowns. They promise to have vaccines ready for the fall as colleges and businesses put mask mandates back into place.

[The CDC admitted the masks caused harm, but they want you to wear them anyway.]

Bannon explains how the economy existed under DJT and how the inflation happened. He then goes to the ADP Chief Economist, a genius, who explains.

The CNBC host asked the ADP chief economist a key question. “The real yields there, but wages will stay strong. Do you agree with that, or do wages come in even?”

“While the real yield goes up,” she said, “that’s not good for America. There’s a sense that where we’ve seen the highest wage growth has been for low-skill workers with low pay now, let’s be clear, even though we’ve seen double-digit wage growth for almost an entire year.”

Breaking the Middle-Class

The Left is breaking the backs of the middle class.  They’re importing illegal aliens to take jobs.

They are suing Elon Musk at a rocket ship company [SpaceX] for not hiring enough illegal aliens. It’s against the law! You can’t hire illegal know-nothings for a spaceship company.

In the clip below, Mr. Navarro and Mr. Bannon go into the BRICS disaster that Bidenomics and the weaponization of the USD and Eurodollar caused.

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