• May 27, 2024

Biden’s Latest Move to Censor the Opposition Party

 Biden’s Latest Move to Censor the Opposition Party


Biden awarded a huge grant to an anti-conservative group, claiming it’s for an anti-extremism initiative. The British think tank they funded is under congressional scrutiny for targeting conservatives. Conservatives represent most of the Democrats’ political opposition.

Biden’s administration sends hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) in London. The Institute pressures social media companies to censor conservatives.

For example, Ben Shapiro is in the short hairs of this organization for Misgendering.

The ISDs latest effort is to help the State Department and Defense Department to track extremism and disinformation.

The administration is doing this with our tax dollars. The administration sent them a quarter of a million dollar grant, and the Pentagon awarded them another 80,000 last month. That went unreported.

The ISD has a history of labeling all conservatives as hate-spewing extremists.


Labeling most Republicans as extremists and censoring them is meant to destroy the opposition party.

When people complain that Republicans are calling Joe Biden a dictator, all they need to do is look at what he does with taxpayer money without our permission. He is using it to destroy the opposition party.

It is no longer a secret that the Democrat party wants a one-party state with them in charge. Under such a rule, you will not have free speech. There will be no debate, and there will be no questioning. You won’t have a gun to defend yourself. Your privacy will go up in the smoke of digital ids and bank accounts. The money you thought you earned will have an end date and be readily confiscated by the IRS, especially if we go to CBDCs. The open borders give the Democrats their new army of voters if not militants. So yes, we are heading for dictatorship.

He has repeatedly invested tax dollars in anti-conservative causes to destroy the core membership of the Republican Party. That sounds like a dictator to us.

Biden isn’t a wannabe dictator. He is a dictator.
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