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Black Republican In Virginia House Blasts Black Caucus: ‘It’s About Being Leftist’ (VIDEO)

 Black Republican In Virginia House Blasts Black Caucus: ‘It’s About Being Leftist’ (VIDEO)

A.C. Cordoza is a Republican in the Virginia House who is black. During a recent speech on the House floor, he blasted members of the Black Caucus for being about ideology more than anything else.

Cordoza described a questionaire he was given when he applied to join the caucus, which was full of left leaning questions.

He also described his journey from Democrat to Republican.

From the Associated Press:

‘About being leftist’: GOP Del. Cordoza criticizes Black caucus after membership denial

The only Black Republican in the Virginia House has taken to the chamber floor to criticize the legislative Black caucus for rejecting his application for membership.

A.C. Cordoza’s speech Thursday prompted a sharp rebuke from Democratic members of the caucus.

The group’s chairman confirmed that the group had voted against accepting the freshman member but questioned his intentions for seeking to join.

The Virginia Pilot has more:

Cordoza said when he reached out to the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus about membership, he was given a policy questionnaire about whether he supported a wide range of liberal priorities.

“I asked myself what any of those things mentioned have to do with being Black? The answer is, it has nothing to do with being Black. It’s about being leftist,” he said.

He called the rejection disheartening, but not shocking.

Del. Luke Torian, a caucus member, responded on the floor pointedly: “Sometimes people can speak prematurely and not have all the facts.”

Del. Lamont Bagby, the caucus chair, told reporters later that Cordoza went through the same application process as anyone seeking to join.

“He’s not the first individual that did not receive enough votes to be a member. He’s the first one to use it for political gain,” said Bagby, who declined to name the other individual he said had been rejected.

Bagby said he had questions about whether Cordoza’s application had been in good faith.

Watch his speech below:

If you watch nothing else today, watch this speech by Delegate @AcCordozapic.twitter.com/vzUeYDepva

— Nick Freitas (@NickForVA) February 3, 2022

You won’t see that speech on any liberal media channels. They love to ignore black conservatives.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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