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Bombshell: Israeli Researchers Found Serious Vaccine Side Effects

 Bombshell: Israeli Researchers Found Serious Vaccine Side Effects

Israel’s Ministry of Health commissioned researchers to investigate Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine [gene therapy] for adverse effects in December 2021. The research, which took a year, was shut down. This took place after a video leaked with the lead researcher discussing the so-called medical-legal consequences of publicizing the research findings.

They knew about the adverse effects of the vaccines but were concerned they’d be sued for telling people to take the vaccines anyway.

Instead of finding out what was going on and warning people, they shut down the study.

The media is ignoring this bombshell information.

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GB News reviewed the leaked audio with Dr. Yaffa Shir Raz, the journalist who broke the story. The researchers involved didn’t comment and didn’t try to defend the comments. The powers-that-be just shut down the research.

The researchers found significant muscular and neurological side effects not listed by Pfizer. They were long-term effects.

They also found the phenomenon called “rechallenge,” which increases with each injection. With a new dose, the side effects come back or worsen.

They found a causal relationship between the vaccine and the side effects.

The researchers warned the Minister of Health that they told people to get vaccinated even though they knew the vaccine was not safe. Authorities shut down the study and didn’t follow up on the most serious adverse effects.

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Researchers had wanted to continue the study. It was a unique study because the subjects were not anonymous.

“What they found was that every, actually, every aspect of this studies finding contradicted what we have been told about the side effects of this vaccine,” Dr. Raz said. “We were told that these are mostly local side effects and that they are mild. And that even in, even in some cases there are some serious side effects and those are short-term and past within a few days. So first of all, what there is, what the research team found, was new signals, new side effects that were not listed by Pfizer and were not local, not mild, actually they included neurological side effects or muscle side effects and digestive symptoms that were new.”

“They were not listed by Pfizer, not listed in Pfizers in doctor’s leaflet,” Dr. Shir-Raz added. “Second of all, they found that the side effects were not short-term, but actually many times were long-term. Those were long-term events the lasted weeks, months, and sometimes a year or even more. And in some cases were ongoing so that the side effects still lasted when the study was over.”



Dr. Risch described the boosters tested on eight mice, now dead, as “totally useless.”

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