• May 18, 2024

BREAKING: Hundreds or Thousands of NJ Ballots Are Missing

 BREAKING: Hundreds or Thousands of NJ Ballots Are Missing


Dominion Voting Machines in Mercer County, New Jersey, didn’t read ballots, and voters had to complete paper ballots. Unfortunately, hundreds or even thousands of those paper ballots have now disappeared.

NJ Dominion Machine failures followed by incompetence.

Some 3,211 voters from three Democrat Princeton districts who cast their ballots at the municipal building may end up disenfranchised unless the ballots turn up.

The New Jersey Globe reported only the number of voters in each of the four affected districts, not the number of votes that had been cast. So, we don’t know how many are lost.

Dominion Voting Systems programmers traveled to Mercer County on Election Day to fix the problem.

“There is a slot on the top of the scanner, and voters can vote and are voting manually,” Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello said.

They were sent to the Board of elections, where some disappeared.

“Robbinsville Township was contacted by Mercer County Election officials at approximately 5 p.m. today and were informed that the ballots of one of our districts had gone missing,” Robbinsville Township Mayor Dave Fried wrote in a statement on the township’s website Wednesday evening.

Dominion took responsibility. No one is suspicious of wrongdoing.

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