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BREAKING: Shots Fired in Chicago as Looters Target Louis Vuitton Store

 BREAKING: Shots Fired in Chicago as Looters Target Louis Vuitton Store

Shots were fired on Sunday night in Chicago as rioters looted a Louis Vuitton store on Walton and Michigan St.

There was massive widespread looting throughout the city, as violent racial unrest continues to sweep the nation.

It is unclear at this time who fired or if anyone was hit. The shots could be clearly heard in multiple livestreams.

Chicago pic.twitter.com/Wzeg6wFVZM

— boot licker viti (@selfdeclaredref) August 10, 2020

Chicago mayhem gun shots ringing out downtown. #ChicagoRiotspic.twitter.com/JjaGtfkXWV

— Simulation Warlord

(@zerosum24) August 10, 2020

Saw it on a multi stream I think the name on it is Deon Cavin pic.twitter.com/gv1Ov5dEyi

— iva

(@sivadavi8) August 10, 2020

A group of women were also threatening each other with knives according to a livestreamer who was at the scene.

G they getting active downtown Chicago

as soon as the live cut off I heard gun shots


— the boyfriend


(@_InkMyThoughts) August 10, 2020

Over 100 people were swarming the luxury store according to the police scanner. They also targeted Gucci, Timberland and multiple other stores.

Chicago looting – according to police scanner before they cut to an offline channel – Prada, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Timberland. Shots just fired. #ChicagoScanner

— The New Maskateer Club (@Lawmom) August 10, 2020

Walton and Michigan St.

Louis Vuitton store is being looted#Chicago#ChicagoProtests

— TheScoop News USA (@TheScoopUSA) August 10, 2020

Walton/Michigan: 100 people breaking out Louis Vuitton.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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