• April 19, 2024

Cali Activists Demand $200 MILLION Per Black Person In ‘Reparations’

 Cali Activists Demand $200 MILLION Per Black Person In ‘Reparations’

No wonder Rachel Dolezal tried so hard to be black.

California activists have gone from screaming for $220,000 per person in reparations for black residents – an astronomical amount that would already bankrupt the state several times over – to demanding – wait for it – $200 million per individual.

That’s million, with an “m.” And it’d be laughable if it weren’t being given an actual platform.

Reverend Tony Pierce, who probably could have benefited from a few classes in economics and maybe a couple more shreds of common sense, took to the microphone during a reparations task force meeting Saturday to call for hundreds of millions in taxpayer-funded payments to the decedents of slaves, saying the mind-boggling $200 million figure is equal to the “40 acres and a mule” that blacks were promised following the Civil War.

“You know that the numbers should be equivocal to what an acre was back then. We were given 40, OK? We were given 40 acres. You know what that number is. You keep trying to talk about now, yet you research back to slavery and you say nothing about slavery, nothing,” said Pierce. “So, the equivocal number from the 1860s for 40 acres to today is $200 million for each and every African-American,” Pierce screamed.

“You’re not supposed to be afraid,” he then leveled at the task force members. “You’re just supposed to tell the truth. You’re not supposed to be the gatekeepers. You’re supposed to say what the people want and hear from the people.”

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The task force, assembled to try and figure out just how much black people who were never slaves should be paid to compensate black people who were slaves and who’ve long since died, has struggled to come up with a figure that takes into account just how much blacks have supposedly lost by being oppressed since the dawn of time. However, after calculating their alleged losses from things like “discriminatory lending and zoning,” “injustices and discrimination in health,” and, of course, oppression by the police, payouts to black Californians could come in at around $1.2 million per person over a lifetime per the task force’s current proposed plan – one that economists say would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 billion.

Despite that being about $500 billion more than the state’s entire budget, which is about $300 billion, some black residents say it’s not even close to enough, and that anything less than a multi-million-dollar lump sum payout is just “further injustice.”

“$1.2 million is nowhere near enough. It should be starting at least $5 million like San Francisco,” one woman said during Saturday’s meeting. ”We want direct cash payments just like how the stimulus [checks] were sent out. It’s our inheritance, and we can handle it.”

“This million dollars we’re hearing on the news is just inadequate and a further injustice if that’s what this task force is going to recommend for Black Americans for 400-plus years and continuing of slavery and injustice that we have been forced to endure,” another said. “To even throw a million dollars at us is just an injustice.”

Meanwhile, California is facing a budget shortfall of around $22 – $30 billion this year alone. So best of luck with all that, commies.

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