• February 24, 2024

CALL TO ACTION Time For Diligence

 CALL TO ACTION Time For Diligence

Oath Keepers and patriots,

Oath Keepers has been attacked by the hostile radical left. Our server provider, LiquidWeb has shown its colors and caved to the Loony Left.

We will recover and are working to rebuild a communications and membership website.

Please use your training and adapt to the new environment. Keep your cool and know that we are all in this together. Use this time to tweak your local communications with one and other.

The website and platforms are being rebuilt, stay the course.

We need your support, please donate here.


As always, Oath Keepers stands in defense of the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. What is now being installed is not a constitutional government. It’s an illegitimate regime that has unjustly taken power through massive vote fraud, to install a ChiCom puppet who will do the bidding of a mortal enemy of this nation, as well as the bidding of international elites who are in allegiance and alliance with the CCP as they pursue a common goal of destroying our Republic and enslaving the American people.

Executive Summary:

President Trump still can and should use the Insurrection Act, but it’s unlikely. Regardless, patriots should:

  1. Prepare for a comms down/blackout environment. Obtain CB and HAM radios, fuel, food, etc
  2. Muster NOW in their county seat. Meet face to face and sort out grid down comms and who will be “Home Guard” and part of a “Family Safe” program to stay back and protect families, while also determining who can project out to protect and assist others.  Do it now before comms go down.
  3. Muster ASAP at state level, but NOT at state Capitol. The newly formed county units must Muster in a friendly “red” county to establish comms and leadership connections for future. Establish protocols in case of lights out/comms down.
  4. Beware of false flags and traps that are now being set. Be careful who you listen to and what events you attend. Expect attempts to lure you onto enemy controlled ground where they have time to set up false flags.
  5. Prepare to walk the same path as the Founding Fathers of condemnation of an illegitimate regime, nullification/mass non-compliance, defiance, mutual defense, and resistance. See Part II for more.


President Trump, though you have waited far too long, it’s still not too late to act decisively as Commander-in-Chief.   Honor your oath.  Have courage.  Do what we recommended you do (use the Insurrection Act and conduct a mass data declassification and public data dump to expose the compromised/corrupt traitors, and bring them to justice).

See our two previous open letters to you:



At the very least, do the mass declassification and data dump.  You still have absolute authority as President and Commander-in-Chief to declassify any files held by the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.  Use trusted elite units you know are still loyal to the Constitution to get it done (to seize the servers and dump the data on 4Chan, 8Chan, etc).

President Trump, it’s your duty and the only way to actually keep your family safe.  It’s also your only possible way that YOU can still act to save our Republic from the communists and deep state traitors.  Do NOT have faith in the corrupted legal system.  Even if you attempt pardons for your family or yourself, that will not save you or them.  Look at what the communists did to the Romanov family of Czar Nicholas II, his wife, and his children:


Also, it’s not just about you and your family.  The domestic enemy wolves will be at the door of all your supporters as well.  Liberty loving American constitutionalists will have no choice but to honor their oaths and defend both the Constitution and their families when the communists and obedient Deep State minions come for them (as they are already planning on doing).  A fight is coming no matter what we do, becuase the domestic enemies won’t stop until stopped.   It’s infinitely better for it to come while you are Commander-in-Chief, than for it to come with Biden the Chicom puppet imposter illegitimately installed in the White House.

Embrace destiny. 

As Thomas Paine said:  If there must be troublelet it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”  Amen.

Act.  Now.  Be the Commander in Chief we all know you can be and keep your word when you said America will never be a socialist country.  If you fail to act now, you will go down in history as an American version of Neville Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister who attempted to appease Hitler) rather than as an American Churchill.

Continues here: https://oathkeepers.org/2021/01/15/red-alert-oath-keepers-warning-order-part-i/



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