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Cargile for Congress – message about SOCIALISM

 Cargile for Congress – message about SOCIALISM

MIKE CARGILE A Family Man -Veteran- A Choice in the Right Direction


Unlike my opponent, (D) Rep. Norma Torres (CA35), I stand completely against Socialism (which in all reality is a more polite version of Communism). Both are a form of subjugation to governmental authority, all the while posing as egalitarian liberators. Socialism initially presents itself as the great “equalizer”. That its implementation will somehow manage to lay waste to the inequalities of life and in so doing, create a communal paradise of shared wealth and significance. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the only equality actually delivered is one of equal hardship, misery and despair.

Why would anyone want this? Because Socialism disingenuously offers security. In this pact, a person intentionally surrenders all their freedoms and God-given rights to the government in exchange for a promise to have their basic needs met. However, in actuality, when a person is “liberated” from all their freedoms, they become a slave…a slave of the State. And in this new master/slave agreement, the government is more than a willing participant. What master wouldn’t agree to meet the basic needs of the slaves? It’s in the master’s best interest!

If you reduce Socialism to its core components, it is simply control of a very large group by a very small group. The very small group (let us call it the “Central Committee” or the “Party”) controls every aspect of the large group. Everything they do, everything they think, everything they believe is controlled by the Central Committee. For this to occur, and to continue, requires a religious devotion. There is no authority higher than the Central Committee. They are the gods of the people and whatever they disseminate is always seen as “truth”. This necessitates that the Central Committee ALWAYS be seen as being in control and working on the people’s behalf…even when it obviously is not. Witness the disastrous results of failed propaganda campaigns to maintain that illusion with events like Chernobyl and now Covid-19. Maintaining this façade requires that “corrections” made by the Central Committee happen quickly and without resistance which is why it is imperative from the outset to disarm the general populace. After all, it’s for their own good.

Perhaps the most odious aspect of a Socialistic political view is that it allows legislators to make laws for the rest of us that they do not apply to themselves. They feel they are a law unto themselves. There is no standard above them and, as a result, they can redefine everything from lying to murder. The United States has always conducted itself under the Judeo-Christian principles and standards set forth in the Bible and this is precisely why we have enjoyed unparalleled peace and prosperity. If we jettison that standard in favor of the shifting opinions of Washington politicians…we are doomed.

“Years ago, as a young Army officer, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I am here to fulfill that oath…SO HELP ME GOD.”

 All the best,

Mike Cargile



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