• June 19, 2024

Carla Spalding Criticized Wasserman Schultz on Slowing Reopening Florida

 Carla Spalding Criticized Wasserman Schultz on Slowing Reopening Florida

Plantation, FL…Today Carla Spalding, a Registered Nurse and Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 23rd District. She criticized Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on attacking Governor Ron DeSantis for beginning to reopen Florida.

My opponent signing the letter to the Governor expressing her “grave concerns” is nothing more than pure political theatre. Debbie is just a professional politician. She doesn’t understand Economics nor does she have any medical qualifications. This is why I need to be in Congress.

Wasserman Schultz has signed a letter to Governor DeSantis expressing unjustified disbelief with reopening the state.

Spalding responded by saying, “Our founding fathers wanted people with real-life experience to serve and then go back home. Wasserman Schultz is a career politician who I say has absolutely no qualifications to make statements to the Governor on reopening. Having served on the frontlines in the hospital, I know that we can safely reopen while protecting seniors who are the most vulnerable in our society. I don’t want to see people forced to go to food lines. This is socialism at its best, telling us when to shop, when to leave our homes and when to work. I want to help them get back to work and businesses open.”

Carla is a veteran, having served in the Navy. She is a College Professor who has a master’s degree in Nursing with a concentration in education. Her college instruction focuses on mental health. She has served veterans working at the local VA, where she won Nurse of the Year in 2013. Formerly, she served as a College Advisory Curriculum Board member, and as a Board member with the Salvation Army in South Florida.

Carla cares deeply for her district and wants what is best for her constituents.

Additional information on Carla Spalding’s campaign can be found at carlaspaldingforcongress.com

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